Linen diet. Efficient and fast food diet for weight loss free.

Linen diet

Flax diet - a way of normalization of weight,based on eating flax seed oil, flax seed decoction. These products contain omega-three-six and omega fatty acids. They are able to normalize the metabolism, accelerate the recovery of muscle tissue after training and provide hormonal balance in both men and women. Fiber flax seed may well improve digestion, provide gastric content bulking agents, suppress the increased appetite. Today there are many opportunities for a diet this useful product.

Linen balanced diet
Most sources advise just havelinen porridge for breakfast or drink a tablespoon of flax oil before breakfast to lose weight. In fact, if you overeat during the day and evening, flax does not help you lose weight. Try linen balanced diet to get results quickly.
In the morning, half an hour before a meal drink a cup of warm water, it is possible with one teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of lemon juice.
For breakfast, eat porridge linen. You can buy a special porridge in the health food store, or cook it yourself. To do this simply grind in a coffee grinder flaxseed. On one portion of porridge need to take 20 grams of flax powder and 100 grams of freshly brewed oatmeal, preferably classic Hercules, but not fast food concentrate. For a taste, you can add one bit of dried apple or dried apricots or prunes.
At lunch, you can drink a cup of yogurt with 1 tablespoon of crushed flaxseed. This drink is great nourishes, and you will not feel hungry until dinner.
For lunch, you need to eat 150 grams of fish like tuna, salmon or mackerel, one tablespoon of sea kale, and broccoli salad and vegetables.
Snack - a glass of juice with a teaspoon of flaxseed.
Dinner - 200 grams of chicken breast, lean beef or rabbit, stewed or steamed vegetables.
This diet can be & laquo; sit & raquo; from 2 weeks to 4 months. The main thing - to vary the foods for lunch and dinner, choose a variety of vegetables, fruits and berries.

Linen diet unloading
At the heart of the linen discharge diet - linseedseed, ground into flour. This product is diluted with warm water, but not boiling water. One portion of porridge take 2 tablespoons seed without slides, and 5 tablespoons of water. The day allowed to eat five servings of flax cereal, plus two liters of tea or water. Sticking to such a diet should not last longer than two or three days, and then you can go on a balanced diet linen or any other diet plan to reduce weight.

There are kefir diet with flax seeds. For it is necessary to take 1 liter of low-fat yogurt and 4 tbsp of crushed flax seeds. The products divide into 4-5 meals and drink throughout the day. You can further eat 1-2 apples, best savory varieties.

After unloading the linen and linena balanced diet is necessary to pass the stage exit. In the first week of release you change the porridge for breakfast 200 grams of cottage cheese, you can sprinkle it lightly flaxseed and add fruit or berries to taste. In the second week you add one serving of buckwheat, rice or wheat porridge to your dinner. Well, on the third week of one every three days, you can afford a small dessert for breakfast or after dinner. The addition of flaxseed, you can use at any time to saturate the body with vitamins and speed up metabolism. Good luck to you and easy weight loss!

Important: before you sit down on linen diet consult your doctor.