Kefir diet. Efficient and fast food diet for weight loss free.

Kefir diet is good not only because it helps to drop those extra kilos, it also has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

kefir diet

Of course, not completely harmless dietsit happens. So, for one person a cup of coffee a day with a piece of beef can be quite enough food for full-fledged functioning of the body and another person such food is not exactly suitable. Or simply cause sickness, headaches, fatigue. Diets that promise you the perfect weight for a fantastically fast time, often lead to ailments and diseases. And the fact that after such diets weight is typed in the same lightning-fast time - known to all.

Therefore, if you care not only about theirappearance, but also health, it is best to choose a diet that is slowly but surely lead you to the desired result. As an option, we offer you a kefir diet.

Kefir diet - is almost magical tool forweight loss. Kefir diet is very much helped to get rid of obesity without effort and severe restrictions. Good kefir diet and in that not only promotes weight loss, but also improve health. So if you "sit" on a diet kefir, you can soon forget about colic in the liver and stomach pain.

Before kefir diet shouldlearn about its features. For example, yogurt helps the body remove toxins and improves metabolism, including here and relief functions of most organs. The yogurt contains almost no carbohydrates, and fats are easily digested, so the weight is not reached, but on the contrary, decreases gradually. Kefir, if used consistently, displays the body of sodium and fluid unnecessary. As is known, sodium salt (salt) in the body retain water, and where there is swelling. Kefir also contains potassium, which is great expels these salts (with liquid) from the human body. Kefir contains lactic acid bacteria, that improve intestinal microflora. Kefir can cure many ailments. Therefore, kefir diet has a positive effect on well-being and does not develop overweight.

Kefir diet has beneficial effects on themental condition. She adds vitality, improves memory, increases efficiency. This is a very significant plus kefir diet. If you start to eat according to the principles of kefir diet, you will understand that it is - it is a wonderful way to improve your health and lose weight! Another positive point kefir diet - it is relatively inexpensive. But this is important!

According to the results of numerous studies, 70-80%people get fat from unbalanced, irrational power. After all, people can consume per day as many calories as the body does not expend energy. It accepted a lot of "light" carbohydrates, which turn into fat, disrupting metabolism. Because of this, and it accumulates the most hated fat. Kefir diet low-calorie, therefore, prevents the accumulation and deposition of fat.

Kefir diet exists in many variants andinterpretations. So, one way of kefir diet: one and a half liter of kefir (without diluting sugar) drink in 5-6 receptions, observing the time intervals. This kefir diet can last no more than three days. It is possible to add kefir diet and fruit (excluding bananas), but no more than 500 grams per day. If the kefir diet is combined with fruit, then it is possible to "sit" is not more than a week.

A variety of kefir diet isKefir-apple diet. Its demands: three days of drinking only low-fat yogurt (1.5 liters), and then, fourth, fifth and sixth day - to eat 1.5 kg of apples, and finally, the last three days - again with 1.5 liters of yogurt.

Nevertheless, whatever the useful kefirdiet should not stick to it fanatically. Our bodies need for good functioning of a full, varied food. Do not forget this!