How not to grow fat on the job

It's hard to stick to the diet if dailyComes in lunch buffet runs into and think about how to be interrupted before dinner pies, biscuits, chocolates. This chew in the rush and filled with plenty of tea or coffee with sugar. And then back to the computer, and so on until the evening without movement and physical activity.

How not to grow fat on the job

However, something can be done. It is better to try to do not snack between meals. But if you just do not get, you have the foresight to stock up on something malokalloriynym. I wanted to eat, you pull a bag of unsalted nuts, apple or briketik low fat cottage cheese. The tea should be drunk without sugar, and even better to replace it with a glass of water. Try to drink water in small sips. This will help reduce your appetite.

From traditional dinner is better to refuse. Vacant lunchtime can be used for walking. During the working day do not forget to spend fizkultminutki. Another useful piece of advice: come home, do not immediately jump on the contents of the refrigerator. Drink a glass of water and cook dinner quietly home. Eat your dinner before 6 pm, and later bypassed cup of yogurt or an apple.