Do not exhaust yourself diets. Efficient and fast food diet for weight loss free.

Probably many of the fairsex tormented by the question: Well, how such injustice? Some of the constant attempts to lose weight excess torturing diets, spend fasting days, hours pedaling on simulators, and all this without any tangible result, while others, not making significant efforts remain slim throughout their lives. In what lies the clue?

How not to exhaust yourself diets

Secrets of harmony from nature is simple:

• There is only when you are hungry;

• There is only what you really want to eat;

• Enjoy every morsel of food that you put in your mouth;

• to stop eating as soon as your body is sated.

If you are still persistently strive forharmony, it makes sense to choose not the way of dieting and coercion, and to discover another world of thinking that leads to a natural harmony. Here are some of its postulates:

1. Treat food as their servant and not as master.

2. Do not treat food as a reward. Reward yourself or not chocolate cake, and good movies, books, a visit to a beauty salon, etc.

3. Do not deny yourself anything, because the feeling of dissatisfaction can do more harm than once a morsel of food from time to time.

4. Listen to your body.

5. Do not "jam" stress, because the food does not eliminate the source of trouble.

6. Remember, the food - it's just a food, it's just fuel for maintaining the body in working condition. Treat food as to the breath, that is, as a natural and necessary process.

7. Eat those foods that you like, but not in order to be happier, but simply that the food brought joy and pleasure.

8. Even if you are inclined to be overweight, exercise to think, feel and behave as if you slim by nature. First you have to pretend to play the role, but eventually the new thinking of the natural harmony will become your second "I", you change not only internally but also externally.