Common mistakes slimming

Common mistakes slimming

Error №1. Empty the refrigerator shelves

If you decide once and for all to become slim,Your refrigerator should be filled to the maximum. But sweets and other hazards, but tasty and healthy products. Do not forget worldly truth: everything is bought, will sooner or later eaten. So better to buy apples, pears, grapefruit, cucumber, tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables and fruits and use them to prepare healthy and delicious meals, as well as snacks.

May you always have in the fridge is a moderate-fat cottage cheese, natural yogurt with no additives. Then in the case of hunger attack you can arrest him healthy food.

Otherwise, you run the risk of repeating the experience of one of mypatients. She volunteered to clean your refrigerator with all edible, but not one fine evening found herself for eating canned pet cat ...

Error №2. categorical ban

Even at the most strict diet you can not ban yourselfeverything "harmful products". At least occasionally arrange for yourself "holiday tummy". This does not mean that I advise you to eat everything, but the planned delicacy is quite acceptable! Remember the words of Paracelsus, "No poison and no cure - the whole thing in doses"! Among other things, the concept of dessert rather extensible.

One patient of mine, who was madly in love blackrye bread, has developed the habit of treating him as a dessert. And since this is a dessert, then, consequently, it is impossible to eat a lot! Here's a useful and correct "self-deception".

Error №3. Maximum seriousness

Psychologists say that one of the mostcommon mistakes slimming - no sense of humor. Do not take too seriously the process of losing weight - play, invent, dream. Imagine yourself an actress, which you need to lose a few kilos for an interesting role, or a model, which will soon demonstrate the chic dress for the ball. Many of my patients feel like I suggest research assistants, who perform important government job, studying the effect of food on your own body! Our goal - to achieve maximum results in a humane way!

Error №4. The wrong attitude to water

Many diets contain recommendations aboutChange the volume of a drunk liquid. Of course, the classic version you need to drink 8-10 glasses of pure water daily. However, immediately take up the increase in the volume of fluid consumed is not worth it! All in weight loss strategy should be progressive and, as they say, without fanaticism!

In my practice it was a case: one patient too literally understood the call to increase the volume of fluid consumed. He began to drink 5 liters of green tea per day!

As a result, he almost stopped sleeping asGreen tea is a powerful tonic, and almost could not be away from home far as problems with public toilets still exist in our country. Do not repeat his mistakes!

Error №5. Receiving diuretics

Taking diuretic pill, in fact, can beget rid of a pair of kilograms together with the lost fluid. But the next day the kilos come back, but lost trace elements in an emergency mode derived from the body, will return hardly ... According to the experience of many of my patients, in the past abused such barbaric methods, I can say that it is the "right" way to make the problem cardiovascular system and get this unpleasant symptom as convulsions!

Error №6. Daily weighing

Weight can count # censored # smiling even within the sameof the day, and sometimes it can totally change within a certain period of time, in spite of all your efforts. This is absolutely normal, physiological situation!

The body must be ready for the "new rules of the game." Additional stress factors associated with regular "jumping" on the scale, he did not to anything!

Of course, control of weight reduction is required,but this should be no more than two or three times a week, in the morning, on an empty stomach, preferably after using the toilet and undressed. Do not weigh yourself as a baby before and after meals. Also, it is not necessary to repeat the "feat" of one of my patients who decided to make weight measurements before and after going to the toilet! And often after a visit to the toilet her weight, according to a weighting increased ... This is a human phenomenon

Error №7. unrealistic promises

Never say never, especially if youreduce your weight! "I never eat any bread rolls", "I forever renounce coffee," and the like: the more you give yourself such vows, the greater will be the temptation to break them. Forbidden fruit is sweet like no other. In the process of slimming works better a different approach: "a second time, but not today." You are using this argument: "I will not eat that muffin right now, but maybe eat it tomorrow."

One day survive without sweets - is quite real, and tomorrow you can not remember about the muffin, or tasted it, you will realize that the taste is no longer of interest to you.

Error №8. Thinking about failures

Do not reproach yourself for violations, and think about,what you could have achieved. His patients, I suggest not lead banal food diary and blog successes and failures! Not in order to reward yourself every time a medal for bravery, or, conversely, to impose himself to death, and to be able to analyze what life situation influenced the success or failure! As the saying goes: Who owns the information, owns the world!

Here, perhaps, the most running errors that may stand in the way to the ideal weight.