Cheese diet. Efficient and fast food diet for weight loss free.

Dietary properties of the cheese are due to itscomposition. The cheese contained 27% protein, 50% fat (of dry matter), 400 to 700 mg of mineral salts of calcium and phosphorus. Such a composition makes cheeses important element in the diet.

Cheese diet

The protein source is essential cheeseamino acids, including the most scarce, is the basic "building material" organism. For the body is most useful are proteins that the content of amino acids similar to proteins in human organs and tissues, and protein cheese basically meets these requirements. Moreover, it has the ability to enrich the amino acid composition of other food proteins. At the same time the content of protein in cheese is among the top five foods. Cheese is useful especially in summer, when the meat is becoming quite "heavy" product for the body, but the protein reserves still need to replenish, excellent output will syrnoovoschnoy diet.

Use cheese diet is recommended no more than 10 days, all the more so with the right approach can be and so little life to lose up to 10 kg overweight. So, meet, cheese diet:

- 8-00 - coffee without sugar (you can dry cream);

- 10-00 - 1 boiled egg;

- 12-00 - 200 g lean ham or meat;

- 14-00 - 100 g low-fat cheese;

- 16-00 - 250 g fat-free yogurt;

- 18-00 - a glass of low-fat yogurt.

Choose dairy products that are low in fat. Cheese, for example, should be used with a fat content of not more than 10-12%.

Such a high-protein diet for 7-10 daysIt will allow you to quickly get rid of excess weight, and in addition, you get used to eat food 5 times a day. And this is very important, we have shown that when you eat frequently throughout the day, but little by little, the body more effectively purifies the blood cholesterol and fat.

But, of course, to normalize cholesterol levelsand is not suitable as a whole protein diet fat metabolism. Therefore, after the end of the protein unloading recommended that you switch to a diet of fractional power, which is not only normalizes cholesterol levels, but also helps not to gain dropped on the protein diet weight. Your daily menu will look like this:

-Buffet: Roll of high protein flour, cream cheese with low fat content and a glass of orange juice.

- Lunch: a piece of bread spread with peanut butter (a teaspoon), and a banana;

- Lunch: chicken or fish (85 g), steamed broccoli, a small portion spagepi with tomato sauce, salad; or a bowl of soup, pita with cheese or turkey and lettuce, tomatoes and brussels sprouts.

- Afternoon snack: a few dozen carrots and crackers, whole grain with a sauce.

- Dinner: a glass of low-fat yogurt and fresh fruit (1-2 pcs.)

Do not forget that any diet must be consistent with your doctor, otherwise there may be negative consequences for your health!