Cellulite. Myths and misconceptions.

How formed cellulite? It develops in the subcutaneous tissue. Thus fat cells (adipocytes) in subcutaneous layer to form separate groups - adipocyte slices having an oval shape, when viewed in conjunction resembling cell. But for the time of the origin and treatment of the disease, respectively, has developed a number of versions that do not have under a rational justification.

And the first such version consists in the fact thatconsidered: if you drink a lot of water, it will definitely help to reduce cellulite. It is said that this fact is not one hundred percent true. The situation is twofold: on the one hand, water, green tea output harmful metabolic products, toxins, improve digestion, prevent dehydration. On the other hand, with the main part, the excess liquid can be extremely dangerous, as the patient may be problems with the heart or kidneys, moreover excessive fluid in the body lead to the leaching of minerals from the body.

Next misconception that exerciseprevent cellulite. It is wholly true, proving that even the physically strong, dealing with women's sports can appear and develop cellulite. Nevertheless, normal physical activities help to improve the shape, tighten it, and normalize the body's metabolism, that is far from important. And at regular employment generated endomorphin, improves blood circulation in the tissues. It is not true is that the sport is not only get rid of cellulite, but in combination with other methods it is useful.

Misconception our ladies about liposuction, theyAccording to completely remove cellulite. Indeed, liposuction - it is a serious surgical procedure, which takes place under general anesthesia and painful. The method recommended in extreme cases, and most people who do not help other drugs and are absolutely not possible to reduce body fat. Liposuction really helps to remove unnecessary amounts. But the misconception is that as the main way to fight cellulite liposuction is not used!

Next prevailing myth is that correctnutrition or diet reduce cellulite. It is also not entirely true, because to eat - it is always beneficial for the body and is effective for the figure. But absolutely no special products are not able to prevent or cure cellulite. Everything is much deeper, the point is this is not the calories. We already know that whether it is with overweight or lady with a "wasp" waist, and she and the other may have a "orange peel". The fact is that is important in the body's metabolism. A diet should be one hundred percent in a balanced, more fruits and vegetables, vitamins and minerals.

And finally, the most long-lived and most important myththat appears only cellulite in women. This is not entirely true, or largely true, but not a hundred percent. In practice, there are cases that men suffer from cellulite.