Apple diet. Efficient and fast food diet for weight loss free.

In the late summer - early autumn simply inexcusablenot use apples and even day to sit on the apple diet. Such a diet helps to normalize metabolism, fight obesity, improve whole body.

apple diet

Option 1.

A diet designed for 6 days, need 9 kg of apples sweet varieties. No other food except apples, not used. On the day can take no more than 1-2 cups of liquid.
On the first day to eat 1 kg of apples in the second - 1.5 kg for the third - 2 kg for the fifth - 1.5 kg, in the sixth - 1 kg.
It is best if grated apples will, assuch as they are better absorbed gases, relieve inflammation in the body are available, and output the excess liquid. If you use such a diet on a quarterly basis, it is possible to expel from all diseases.

Option 2.

In the first week to replace breakfast with fresh appleswithout bread. During the second week of breakfast and dinner should consist exclusively of fresh apples in the afternoon should eat light vegetarian lunch. In the third week of eating only apples for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Between doses of apple drink water with lemon and honey. If desired, the diet can be extended to the fourth and fifth weeks, the diet which follows the first and second week respectively. For this option apple diet is recommended juicy apples, such as rennet. The whole course is best done one apple varieties. If the skin is hard to chew - rub the grated apples.

Option 3.

During the day, eat a salad of apples: 300 g apples, peeled, grate, mix with sliced ​​pieces of the root of parsley and celery, season with lemon juice (40-50 g) and light mayonnaise. Salt and pepper - to taste. Another salad, two medium-sized savory apple grate, add one medium head chopped onion, a little green fresh parsley and light mayonnaise. For dinner, you can drink a cup of tea without sugar or a cup of broth hips.

Option 4.

For apples added yogurt. On 1 apple - ½ cup yogurt 5-6 times a day.

Option 5.

Morning: grated apple mixed with a glass of low-fat yogurt and a tablespoon of oat flakes. 11:00: apple. Lunch: two apples with chopped lettuce, dressed with a family from a glass of low-fat yogurt, and olive oil, apple cider vinegar and water (all of a teaspoon). You can sprinkle with herbs. 16 hours: an apple. Dinner: sliced ​​apple with lemon Skok and cheese (150 g).

Pros: a minimum of calories, high in potassium, a relatively large amount of food.
Minuses: the lack of apples full of protein and a variety of essential vitamins. Many people have fresh apples provoke additional appetite. In this case it is better to replace them baked. In emergency medical (poisoning, etc.) diet can be used up to three days. In all other cases it is better to use it only as a discharge of the day not more than once every 2 weeks.