13 biggest myths about weight loss

1. You can lose weight without exercise

Of course you can. However, the best way to lose weight and maintain it in the right framework - a combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise. Physical activity is important and useful at any weight.

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2. Skip Breakfast - get thin

As we mentioned - it is a real myth. Skipping the morning meal offset by a high-calorie during the day, which does not benefit either of the body or metabolism.

3. Night snacking will not lose weight

Not true. Food Research Center Dunn in Cambridge showed that the body no longer lays fat reserves, depending on the time of reception of food. Volunteers received either a modest lunch and a great dinner, or vice versa, and no difference in the deposition of fat calories counters are not shown. It is important to count the number of calories throughout the day and not go hungry.

4. The products are good and bad

Myth in its pure form. Of course, fruits, vegetables and nuts are very useful, but it does not mean that you can not afford bread or another favorite and the "wrong" foods. The question only in the amount of food and moderation never harmed nobody.

5. The most useful food - low fat

Carefully read the information on the label. fat-free products often with a lot of sugar, which is hidden under different names. Therefore, the lack of fat does not mean low calorie. In addition, the very low-fat diet more harmful. Avoid trans possible and replace saturated fatty acids (mainly of animal origin) to unsaturated (mainly vegetable and fish).

6. Fresh fruit juice replaces

Do not substitute. In addition to the juice in the fruit has a useful fiber, and natural look of the food is quite fit for human consumption. Juice is easy to drink too much. Do you need extra calories? Half a kilo of fruit in a glass of juice - this is still a pound of sugar from the fruit.

7. With age, the weight of unavoidable increases

Yes, the metabolism slows down with age. But it is possible, for example, reduce the amount of calories consumed. But in fact the main cause of weight gain in adulthood - a decrease in physical activity. If you do not want to get better with age, do not stop moving.

8. Rapid weight loss is best

Yes no better. When losing weight slowly, you are more likely to lose is fat, not water. In addition, slow weight relief suggests a more relaxed diet, which is easy to stick in the future. A rapid weight loss on a strict diet, followed by gluttony and threatens a new set of weights.

9. It is easy to recover, if you quit smoking

Former smokers sometimes gain weight, butit is not necessarily the case with everyone. Nicotine improves metabolism, but not to such an extent that the failure of it could not overcome several kilo dialed. So fear recover - insufficient reason to continue smoking.

10. Lose weight and all will be well

weight reset does not solve the problem. Kilograms are gone, and the complexity of life remain. Treat happening realistically and put realistic goals. Getting rid of the extra weight will make you healthier and more attractive, but the rest should be solved by other methods. However, awareness of health and attractiveness can actually give you more energy and confidence.

11. All of gaining weight during the holidays

Not necessarily. There are simple ways to avoid weight gain and overeating on the weekend. And, most importantly, do not think of weight gain as a trouble. The weekend should be fun and not be nervous. Think better about their aims and how to achieve them.

12. Slow metabolism does not give the poor thing to lose weight

If. People who are overweight are using more energy than others, because they have this weight on himself to carry. Studies have shown that the metabolism of fat and slim about the same. The problem is rather that people are moving less.

13. Weight easily dialed again

In fact, weight gain - a fairly longprocess. If you eat a lot of fat, and a set of scales show the pair kilogram likely skew associated with a set of water. Return to a normal healthy diet, weight and quickly return to the usual numbers.