Skin care all year round

Skin care all year round

The great doctor of antiquity, Hippocrates wrote: "Who wants to explore the medical art in the right way, must first of all take into consideration the time of year." Beauticians recommend not accidentally different person to care for the skin, depending on the season.
Even people with normal skin type face, neck, hands are not always in the same state, because they are constantly exposed to environmental factors.

Winter and fall

Skin care all year round

In cold weather - in late autumn and winter - leatherIt requires especially careful maintenance since it is far more sensitive to cold than to heat. Per square centimeter of skin has an average of from 6 to 23 receptor perceiving cold heat while only three receptors.

It is found that the effect of low constantair temperature, wind and snow on exposed parts of the body, even healthy people leads to a more rapid aging of the skin. Cosmetologists examined the condition of the skin at the inhabitants of different climatic zones. They found that in areas where there are sharp fluctuations in temperature, in individuals 20-29 years of age, the aging of skin is higher than that of the same age population of central Russia. At moderate cold expansion vessels meet and face reddens. In extreme cold and prolonged exposure to the cold the blood vessels are narrowed, and pale skin. As a result of spasm of the blood vessels is deteriorating blood circulation, reduced metabolism, impaired nutrition of the skin. She becomes pale, flabby, dry, then there is peeling, or irritation and so. D.

In winter, the person requires constant applicationappropriate cosmetics. In the morning it is impossible to wash grease or face cream, as a cream, even a fat contains water (not less than 25%). In the evaporation of moisture occurs cooling and dry skin. If you have dry skin and in the evening to freshen the face is better to use sour cream, sour milk, butter or vegetable oil.

If in the morning before going out in the cold therea couple of hours of time, it is advisable to sleep immediately after throw your face and neck with cold water. This is useful, especially when sagging and dry skin. Normal and dry skin before the procedure is better to grease with vegetable oil or sour cream. When dilated capillaries and redness of the face, you can put your hands, soaked in cold water, to temples, eyes, forehead, and conduct them along the contour of the face and neck. After rinsing and cleansing lotion on damp skin smeared with cream.

Nourishing cream for dry skin are indispensable in autumn and winter as the night and day.
Complement facials and masks onwinter and autumn are different: they contain mostly fat, egg yolk, cheese, vitamins. Do not forget about the liquid. The structure of masks for dry skin, you can enter the solution of tea, juices, salted water, milk and so on. D.
For oily skin are well-acidified, toning and soothing mask.
For those who for a long time is in the openair, it is recommended during the cold grease the face with a mixture containing no water, and better interior goose fat or lard. To do this, goose fat or lard interior is cut into small pieces, melted in a water bath, filtered through cheesecloth and stored in a cool place. Fat will be better preserved if it added to the zinc ointment 4: 1.

If, after a long stay in the air Skinwill face tightened and flaked off, coming home, you need to make a compress or poultice. To this end, a towel or cloth moistened with hot water or a decoction of chamomile and mint and is applied for 2-3 minutes on the face. Thereafter well to make a mask of egg yolk mixed with 1 hour. L. vitamin A in oil, castor, oil, and any vegetable, taken in equal proportions. After 15-20 minutes, wash off the mask.

Frostbite. It happens that even with a mild frost any skin loses sensitivity and whitens. It is necessary to immediately rub it with a soft glove or scarf. Houses need to lubricate the damaged area camphor alcohol or vegetable oil. If redness or skin abrasions, it is desirable to process fortified with fish oil.

In case of frostbite to the skin can be -prilozhithot mashed potatoes, boiled in their jackets and wrapped in gauze. His hold on her face to cool. Then rub the skin with a dilute solution of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar (2 hours. L. Glass of water).

On a bright sunny day and often swellinflamed eyelids. In these cases, you need to wash the eyes and eyelids warm solution of boric acid (1/2 hr. L. Glass of water). Or warm infusion tea. And then, a little dry eyelids, brush their edges hydrocortisone ointment.


Skin care all year round