Caring for your feet

To preserve the delicate and smooth skin on the feet, follow the following recommendations:

Caring for your feet

- Pay special attention to self-massage. On foot there are many points, responsible for the functioning of internal organs. 10-15 minutes massage fingers and foot, rubbing the cream for the feet.

- Avoid smoking because it may cause abnormal levels of blood sugar, which in turn can cause damage to the foot.

- Wash your feet with warm water and antiseptic soap.

- Put on the foot and toes (but not between the toes) two thin layer of lotion to the skin.

- Remove the excess lotion from the nails, and put cotton swabs or special separators between the toes.

- Pumice stone to remove the hard growths on the soles of the feet. But do not rub too hard, enough little effort. Remember, if you would cut corns scissors, they will rise again, and the skin will become rougher. If you use this gentle pumice stone and a special cream, then everything will be fine, otherwise it may cause irritation.

- Perform daily exercises for the feet, for example, walk barefoot on the grass for 15 minutes.