Body care. The path to a perfect skin.

The path to perfect skin

Body care. The path to a perfect skin.

10 assistants for your skin:

1. Sauna or Bath

The benefits of this procedure, you can talk endlessly. It improves blood circulation, speeds up metabolism, removes dead skin cells ... If you want your skin is young, firm and elastic, sauna as often as possible. Best of all - once a week.

2. Douches

Body care. The path to a perfect skin.

Douches gives vivacity body, cleanses the skin pores and generally refreshes the skin, promotes circulation.

3. Shower Gel

Many of us prefer to ordinary soap andignore the proposed cosmetic products manufacturers. And for good reason. As usual soap deprives the skin protective layer, degreasing and dry it. Today on the shelves of a wide range of products: soap, shower gel, lotion, basic properties, which are directed not only cleansing, but also on soft and careful care of it.

4. Body Lotion

The lotion is simply irreplaceable in the bathroom, because after the water treatment the skin is deprived of protection. Rub in a circular motion it should be, carefully massaging the elbows and knees, where the skin is dry and flaky.

5. Oil

Oil replenishes moisture in skin cells deficit and keeps it there. The oil may be a liquid or dry. Second, do not leave marks on clothes, of course, preferable.

6. Cotton underwear.

Using synthetic underwear threatens skin irritation, itching, and sometimes - allergic. In addition, it gives the exchange of heat, perspiration and keeps the skin does not breathe.

7. Clothes made of natural fabrics

8. Fresh air and sun baths

9. Massage

Body care. The path to a perfect skin.