Anti-cellulite massage with essential oils

Anti-cellulite massage with essential oils

Anti-cellulite massage with essential oils
Making it possible immediately after a bath. The skin will be warmed up and is more sensitive to a mixture of components of the massage.

The most famous recipe for anti-cellulite massageIt includes a mixture of only two components: honey and orange essential oil. On two tablespoons of liquid honey, take 5 drops of orange oil. Essential oils are perfectly dissolved in honey, giving it its useful properties, and therefore on the basis of honey, you can do any mixture with essential oils.

Here the most important thing right thing to do massage. No need to beat, or strongly strongly clap on the skin. Just warm the honey in his hand, put it on the problem areas and put a hand on the skin, taking it easy and natural. Try to get on the massage pleasure. Imagine how nice your skin to bathe in honey delicacy as it comes out of all the bad and unnecessary, as it improves.

Turn on your favorite music, tune in to positive -and forward to the beauty. If you do it right, honey will become a white slurry, and the skin may remain small bruises. It's not scary, they will pass with time. Make honey massage on mood or regularly - there is all up to you. Ideally, you want to spend the whole course: do anti-cellulite massage for a month and a day.

Suitable essential maslaKrome orangeoil, can be used, and other essential oils. For example, juniper, rosemary, vetiver, vanilla, geranium and other oils of citrus - grapefruit, mandarin, bergamot and lemon. Essential oils help to eliminate excess fluid and fat burning. Juniper oil is the best oil and detoxifying. Be sure to include it in the mix for anti-cellulite massage. Cypress strengthens muscles, and citrus oils tone the skin.

massage rules

1. For an hour before the anti-cellulite massage can not eat and drink.

2. In the day of the massage, do not use perfume.

3. After the massage, drink for an hour and do not eat for 2 hours.

Massage the mixture

Greyfrut and cypress (a recipe from the book by L. Demetrius - Exclusive aromakosmetologii techniques and therapy):

- 20 ml of jojoba oil,
- 10 ml of grape seed oil,
- 3 drops of grapefruit oil,
- 1 drop of juniper oil,
- 2 drops vetiver oil,
- 1 drop of geranium oil,
- 2 drops lemon oil.

Orange and juniper:

- 30 ml of jojoba oil,
- 20 ml of grape seed oil,
- 5 drops of orange oil,
- 5 drops juniper oil,
- 5 drops of rosemary oil,
- 5 geranium oil droplets
- 5 drops of cypress oil.