Anticellulite massage

Cellulite is hardly a health hazard, but ... How manymost incredible women emotion lies behind the most "but"! It is difficult to describe the state of a woman who suddenly finds himself in such unpleasant changes on the surface of the skin. And then, of course, a natural question arises: what to do?

Well, the question is asked - and this means that youon the way to its solution. And this will help you a professional massage therapist Andrei Yakovlev, who will recommend you to first of all self-massage. And not just self-massage and anti Antitse ... ... Damn you! Immediately and could not pronounce! In general - anti-cellulite self-massage, the effect of which is primarily aimed precisely at removing unsightly cellulite shell with problematic areas of your body.

Why the skin in certain areas loseselasticity, becomes flabby and is generally similar to the polymeric packaging materials? The answer is: lack of blood flow, which occurs as a result of the blockade of fat in areas that experienced the least exercise. Typically, this kind of problem arises due to the lack of mobility and sufficient power too. And if you like more dense and rich in calories to eat at night ...

Do not tempt fate, do not, better tryto solve the existing problem yourself using the proposed method of self-massage. With proper exposure to the blood of your hands will start to actively circulate in the areas affected by cellulite, carrying oxygen and starting the oppressed to this nutrient metabolism. As a result, actively influencing the temperature of the skin surface will be increased, thus burning body fat in the literal sense of the word. If you regularly use this technique, the cellulite is gone. Will leave, never to return. And you're sure it will be beautiful. Physical beauty is indicative of physical health. Do not forget about it.