10 Tips for a beautiful tummy.

1.Soblyudayte posture.
Bad posture also helps setextra kilos in the abdomen. Tighten the abdomen, shoulders send back, chin, lifting the breast. Even so you will look slimmer, not to mention the fact that breathing becomes easier.

I know that it sounds like a broken record,but let's still face the truth! If you do occasionally engage in sports, you'll quickly lose your annoying & laquo; bead & raquo ;. As soon as the weather gets warmer, do not deny yourself the pleasure to dive under the water: swimming involves a huge amount of time the muscle, plus your heart will beat an accelerated rhythm.

3. Know what you are eating.
Even healthy meal is often & laquo; crammed with & raquo; a huge number of chemical additives. Always pay attention to the composition of the food and drink that you purchase.

4.Ukreplyayte back.
Do exercises to strengthen your back and you will see how this will affect your tummy.

5.Zamenite sweets.
Many girls are very complicated it is this step -It is always difficult to give up your favorite treats. Therefore, many women resort to this trick: they replace sweet on something more useful. I personally use fruits as substitutes for favorite & laquo; vkusnyashek & raquo ;.

A small secret models Victoria & rsquo; sSecrets, as well as many coaches: push-ups. Did you know that properly executed push-ups are a great method to burn the unwanted kilograms? Push-ups help to keep muscles toned, expedites heartbeat and give a good load on the spine. Already started? Excellent.

7.Otkazhites smoking.
Because nicotine receipt, our body remainspoisoned. Nicotine enters the body in the first place gives the digestive system, and also slows down the production of enzymes required by the body. With each puff of nicotine we mix with saliva and is involved in the process of our stomach. Information that struck me after cigarette stomach suspend its work for 20 minutes! Not until the end of the digested food does not reach the colon, impaired metabolism. Given that weight loss need a good metabolism in the body, we are not smoking assistant.

8.Kontroliruyte what you eat.
One of the best ways to the loss of excess weight - isthere are foods that burn calories. Such as brown rice, cereals, vegetables, fruits, low-fat milk, seafood and egg white. Avoid the burgers, pizza, pastry and so on.

9.Eshte slowly.
Get into the habit of eating small bites, chewing them thoroughly.

10.Peyte, drink and drink again!
It is also very important to keep your body& Laquo; wetted & raquo ;, so that if it does not, your liver is not working as efficiently as it is necessary, which slows down the fat burning process. Drink plenty of water and hot green tea.