10 rules that will help to lose weight

If you decide to deal with their weight, turnin your diet the following five points and eliminate the other five points. If you already eat some of & laquo; added & raquo; products, simply add the rest. If one or two products you can not add to your diet, replace it with something similar.

10 rules that will help to lose weight

If you have already ruled out some of& Laquo; remote & raquo; products, simply delete the rest. If you reduced the consumption of one of the products, but not eliminated completely, try to consume it even less.

Five products which should be included in the diet:

1. Foods rich in fiber. They should be introduced gradually, so that the body used to the new substances, or the body produces a large amount of gas. Fiber-rich vegetables, fruits and beans.
2. Raw vegetables. They should be included in the basis of the daily diet as they are rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Fresh juices of raw vegetables are also considered.
3. Berries. The reasons for their beneficial effects on health can be a long list. Just believe.
4. Nuts. A portion should be a quarter cup. Pistachios, raw almonds or cashews, macadamia nuts, Brazil nuts. The nuts contain fat and protein. But do not overdo it! Just think - the vegetable salad, sprinkled with nuts - and you can already set off two points.
5. Foods rich in proteins. They should be included in every meal. Eat fish at least twice a week, preferably more often. Fried fish (and other fish) are not considered.

Five products which should be excluded from the diet:

1. Pasta (pasta dish).
2. Bread. With the exception of wholemeal bread, only the present, rather than brown bread from the supermarket. And even then, it is better to reduce consumption of bread to one or two pieces a day.
3. Quick-cooking cereals. Carefully read the ingredients. If porridge contains more than five grams of sugar, put it aside. This porridge is not included here, so that it can safely eat.
4. Carbonated soft drinks, even diet.
5. Biscuits, cookies, cakes, crackers, desserts. Of course, this is unbearable, but the snack at the bit and try a week. Do not think of it as a diet, consider that this little experiment.

Want to see what happens if you eliminate a couple of unhealthy foods from the diet? Try! =)