10 RULES how to stay fit.

You want to be in the ideal weight and in good shape? Stick to these simple rules.

Replace the orange juice oranges - scientists claim that as you reduce the amount of calorie intake by 20%.

Drill press. And not from time to time, but systematically.

Decreases portions - eat less, but most 6 times a day, cutting portions 10-15%.

Take photos food. Even though it sounds funny, but believe me, it works perfectly. Photos food that you consume during the day, clearly shows that the excess in your diet.

Drink coffee. Caffeine from only one cup will be enough to accelerate your metabolism by 5%.

Divide and rule. Sitting down to dinner, half fill his plate with vegetables, a quarter - meat and a quarter - products containing starch. The ideal formula for the perfect figure.

Slowly but surely. Do not pounce on the food immediately. Eat slowly and chew food.

Give the eggs! Researchers at the University of Connecticut have proven that two eggs for breakfast can satisfy hunger and dampen your appetite for the whole day.

Control measurements. Regular weighing - a good habit. You control the weight loss process, and hence very well know what weight loss method works best.

The Darkness - a friend of youth. Too bright light irritates your nervous system, you start to have a faster and thus more. Intimate atmosphere - just what the doctor ordered. So romantic candlelight dinner - this is not only pleasant but also useful.