What light hairstyles for each day on average hair can make your own hands

What light hairstyles for each day on average hair can make your own handsLook beautiful and impressive would be desirable not only in theholidays, but every day. In building a harmonious way of hairstyle plays an important role. So, options, lung hairstyle every day with their own hands to medium hair, always relevant for the ladies.

Of course, make yourself real masterpieces of Hairdressing will not work. But you definitely will be surprised after reading this article, how much can be interesting options for the home of spectacular hairstyles. Try, experiment, to always look amazing.

Easy hairstyles for each day with their hands on medium hair for 5 minutes

use twister

Different and extremely unusual hairstyles willdo with this wonderful modern device. We offer the following options: hairs on top of the separate and threaded through a special gum twister. Sam twister pull down, to start spinning upwards, taking the hair on both sides. Now tighten the inside and connect the ends. Get a beautiful bundle of hair which will only distribute beautifully. In addition, should fix the hair with pins.

Using weaving

This is an interesting variant of easy hairstyles for eachday with their hands on the hair in the middle school. It will be necessary on each side braid pigtails and hair leave themselves just in their beautiful free fall. But, due to braids will create an interesting image and zest. A lock of hair on one side of separate, divided into three different parts. From every part of the hair braid single pigtail (for each of the separated strand will have to be divided into three parts). We need to try to do as much as possible tight braids that they looked beautiful.

What light hairstyles for each day on average hair can make your own hands

Note! The photographs illustrations to this article, you will find other options hairstyles. The illustrations are good that you can visually see how to properly carry out weaving and actively use all these recommendations.

Openwork braid (woven three minutes)

It looks so delicate braid is very difficultweaving option. In fact, having mastered the basic steps, you can create a hairstyle on their own within a few minutes. First, gather your hair into a low ponytail. On the one hand a small part of the head of hair to separate the three-row braid pigtail.

On the opposite side of the tail andbraid a tight braid. It is necessary to carry out weaving through and tightly fix rezinochkoy. Thickness pigtails should be identical as the one or the other side. Clasp ponytail braid, secure rezinkochkoy. Beautifully will, if the base of the tail to tie the ribbon.

Tail inverted fish

To make such an easy hairstyle to eachday with their hands on medium hair with bangs, you will need to collect hair in a ponytail at the bottom. Then, in the base of the tail to make a hole and thread the hair all over it. It will turn upside down the tail. Now braid spike: The tail is divided into two equal parts. Detached lock the left and joins the big right strand. Then all do the opposite, and so alternate during weaving.

What light hairstyles for each day on average hair can make your own hands

Kos with colorful ribbon

The hair will need to gather in a ponytail, but the side. Then, take the tape, it fikisrovat at the tail base. Divide into two hairs, but to each other equal parts, and the tape - this is the third strand braiding pigtails. Now braid braid of three strands in the direction inward. To give volume Spit, to pull the strands only in some places, of course. This inverted braid woven just a few minutes.

Hairstyle with bagel

Again, just to start the hairs collected intail. But, this time, a high ponytail. Bagel fix a ponytail using stealth and can safely take the hairpin. Now, from the tail to separate the two sides of equal parts, put them aside, fix the elastic band. It is important that the length of hairs close all the space used by a large gum.

Important! If suddenly some described weaving optionyou do not understand, but you recommend easy to find photos with illustrations. The network spread many hairdressers are creating incremental photos of hairstyles for every day. It is possible that the first and second time, you will be quite difficult to do even the most simple weave. But the third time all the necessary work, and soon, thanks to the constant practice, do not even have to peep into pictures.

What light hairstyles for each day on average hair can make your own hands

Dual volume Spit

Again, collect the tail side. Divide the collected beam into two parts and start with the left strand. From this traditional braid pigtail. Now separated from a large part of the thin strands and continue weaving. Separate the strands of thin braid on one side. The second woven braid first. Both braids then collect and consolidate into one rezinkochkoy.

You agree that you will be able to accurately make such easy hairstyles for each day with their own hands to medium hair. Try every day to be different in style, and the like, in the first place, it is currently.