Trends in 2016 for short-haired (with photos)

Trends in 2016 for short-haired (with photos)There was a time when a woman's short haircutcaused evil stares after her and turned around. Fortunately, those times have passed, and today more and more women, regardless of age and profession are turning their attention to short haircuts. As for men, this hair length they are always in fashion.

To look stylish, be sure to haveat the beginning of the year or at any other time when to be a hike to the hairdresser, to examine, haircuts on short hair: Trends for 2016 (photo) which are available. They are those who will never take short cuts, they will say: "What can there be a trend." In fact, the fashion in this matter exists and every year it changes quite active.

What's hot

Regardless of what mode for shorthaircut from year to year changes, there are some classic options that are out of this mode simply does not go. Then immediately comes to mind bob, bob-bob or a square. What to do, classics, so she's called that never goes out of fashion. Although, of course, the stylists try every year even in a fairly standard traditional hairstyle make something new of their own.

Trends in 2016 for short-haired (with photos)

In 2016, the actual haircut bob and bob, andand various combinations of these two types will be only brighter and more interesting. It all depends on the imagination hairdresser, because even in this classic has dozens of its variants, you just look at the photos. The man also should not be afraid to experiment and to give preference to the new images for the sake of old.

On the advantages of short haircuts

Haircuts short hairTrends for 2016, photo rear view alwaysespecially shocking. It seems that we must try to stand in the mirror more than one hour to exactly lay hair. In fact, the most important advantage of short cuts just lies in the fact that they were laying the simple and universal. Choosing for yourself any of the short variant, which is suitable for the type of person, every morning in the mirror is a reflection of a happy and contented man: a neat hairstyle can be done in a few minutes.

Trends in 2016 for short-haired (with photos)

If your hair is straight, as well as for those whopermanently straightens your hair looks great square with clean lines. Suitable such haircut for women with any hair color, hair style of this type will look neat and dazzling.

Also stylists emphasize that for 2016particularly relevant to the bangs. It creates an elegant look, but the shape and length can be absolutely anyone: there are no clear rules of fashion and everything is left up to the person. But, it is not necessary to approach the issue fanatic, always additionally consult with your stylist.

What it is suitable for curly tresses

Many will say that haircuts on short hair: trends for 2016, photo curly curls do not look perfect. In fact, it happens only in a situation where a stylist begins his professional path and not quite understand what to do.

Trends in 2016 for short-haired (with photos)

For example, suitable in this situationuniversal punishment. To hair looked nice, you will need to give it more volume. Another great curls look at creating seductive color waves. Looks great fashion styling in a square in combination with thick bangs.

When the ladies are too busy in life and they do not haveeven two minutes to spare, to give her hair in order, it will be possible to make a truncated square without a bang or completely with a long fringe that goes on the side. Especially this stylish bangs looks on straight hair, although her curls give her glamor and style. Such stacking is easy to get fix with varnish or gel.

How to choose a bang

We emphasize once more that in season 2016If a short hairstyle is chosen, the specialthe emphasis is recommended to make it bang on. This approach will help, among other things, to refresh his classic short haircut. It is important to choose the type of bangs on the face shape and the issue should be discussed separately with the stylist.

Another trend in this season will be straight hair,which are at the tips made in perm. Butch always looks elegant, and its bearer in one voice saying that in order to look stunning, it takes a minimum of effort and special care.

Trends in 2016 for short-haired (with photos)

So haircuts on short hair: trends for 2016, The photos show that in fashion are enoughstandard haircut, stylists are trying to supplement some new interesting solutions. We should look at, of course, to the different types of haircuts with bangs and different shaped hair length: this season it looks especially important.