Hairstyle spike - how to weave? A photo

Hairstyle spike - how to weave? A photoHairstyle spike remains a haircut,which is suitable for all occasions. By learning to braid a simple braid, you can safely proceed to the development of technology and the French braid, in other words, hair, called spike.

It will always be stylish and at the same time simple. This hairstyle looks great on any hair and does not require additional maintenance effort. Hairstyle spike is also very comfortable in the summer heat, as well as in sports. During the entire existence of this hairstyle, her technique of weaving and its appearance has changed significantly, and is now taking a completely different form, which a few years and could not imagine her lovers.

Previously limited to just a hairone pigtail, now-hairstyles-braids spikelets, you can do as much as you want, for example, two braids on both sides of the head, or a lot of ears, which are replaced by a small French braids. They are a bit like the African braids, but a significant difference in the lodge that on the surface of the head roam the ears, which fades into thin braids.

Hairstyle spike - how to weave? A photo

Hairstyle spike, laid around the head,It is considered the most suitable option for athletes. After all, with such a hairdressing it is very difficult to get out of the hair. Such hairstyles, which basically have the normal spike, continue to be more practical and functional.

KOLOSOK perfectly suited not only for children but alsoadult women, their way of adding some chic and childish. This hairstyle is really difficult to make herself so she enjoyed not so popular among girls and women. But if you want to change their image and style, then this hairstyle is just what you need.

Hairstyle spike - how to weave? A photo

Hairstyle spike - how to weave? A photo

Useful tips for creating hairstyles spike

In order to understand how to weave thishairstyle, you need to follow simple recommendations, and stock up on a bit of patience and eventually you can get an excellent result - a natural, romantic and lovely hair, which can go to a business meeting, party friends, visit a ceremony or a New Year's ball.

How should spike braid that he obtainednice and neat? To do this, just need a little patience and training, and your hands are perfectly cope with this task. Take two mirrors, place them against each other, as a result, it will be easier to navigate, and after a while, when a little "nabete" your hands, you can fine braid spike.

In order to better hair hairstyle lying and not distracting from the spit, it is better to the hair styling tool for a more flexible lock of hair and then carefully comb your locks.

No need to pull your hair too tight, asIn this case, fashionable hairstyle may lose volume. Once learned how to braid spike at the end of the process, it is necessary to smooth your hair comb. So as a result of your efforts lasted as long as possible, it is necessary to fix the hair spray.

Hairstyle spike - how to weave? A photo

How to make hair spike?

Do not get braid hairstyles without possession of equipment and availability of patience and without effort. So you need to arm themselves with attention and spike your hair should get perfect.

weaving technique spikelets:

  • First, comb the hair, raising himself a little at the roots of the comb;
  • Then gather together the top strand and select three parts;
  • After that you can start weaving braids. Right strand is connected to the middle and the left strand - from the right. Make several of these tangles.
  • Then proceed directly to the weaving of the spikelets. Grab the right thumb, and the bottom strand is woven into a braid, and the hair should be careful to hold his other hand.
  • Woven in the middle of the strands, to put cross-wise with the right strand.
  • Similar actions have to do with the left side. A lock of hair on the left is applied to the strands in the left center of the hairstyle.
  • Then you need to fold diagonally interwoven strands through the middle from the left strand.
  • Following this technique, we continue to spin until the very end.

At first spike haircut may seemtight enough. But, later, when you repeatedly do this hairstyle, you have to pull it on the machine. To make your hair was neat, you can use gel or wax. They give hair shine and the complete absence of males. In addition, you need to use high-quality and flexible elastic band for hair.

This technique allows to make one or more of the pigtail. If the hair is thus strongly pushatsya, it is possible to use a conventional gel or means for aligning the hair.

Hairstyle spike - how to weave? A photo

Options spike weave hairstyles

First, it is necessary to include the Frenchbraids that seemed to surround the head fairy braids. The main feature of the braid - a slight weaving, with braids seem bulky and heavy, being the perfect excuse to visit a dinner or lunch.

Second, here is another attribute chosenspikelet. Highlight it in the t th that the braid is braided in braiding, which are located on the back of his head. It is very stylish and comfortable enough, especially for visiting sports hall, sea travel, and especially romantic dinner.

Third, the real classics that are always very popular. This is just the most common pigtail, but much harder and more beautiful.

And at the end of it all, two flirtatious spikelets -hairstyle, which may also include a larger number of braids. Perfect for evening pilings. The classic weave can add flowers or rhinestones.

Eventually, you will catch yourself enthusiastic male gaze, and women furtively and wistfully will consider your wonderful weave hairstyles spike.