Lunar calendar of hairstyles on June 2016

Lunar calendar of hairstyles on June 2016June fact that this year will be differentfourth day we will be able to observe a lunar eclipse. But how to understand what it means to the lunar calendar of the haircut? During this month, it will be much more favorable days for haircuts, but during a lunar eclipse, it is desirable to limit their trips to the beauty salon. All know that the most critical day for cutting hair is the new moon, which occurs eight numbers.
Lunar day will begin at the time of moonrise, more precisely when the "benchmark" moves from one constellation to another, which is called the transit of the Moon.

The final will be the culmination of influenceFull Moon, which will occur on June 22, that is, it is the moment when the moon would take the opposition to the sun, from that moment everything will start descending. This year, the month of June will begin 22 lunar day. Because the Moon is in Pisces, that in this day people can expect stress and nervous tension, some even aggression can occur.
In those days, which fall on the beginningnew moon, try to be attentive to their health, and at this time is not exactly need to do anything in terms of changing their appearance and hairstyle. The last quarter of the moon, which coincides with the constellations of Aries, Pisces and Taurus, as well as the eclipse will not affect positively on the creation of a new hairstyle. And quite the opposite - the hair will show their questionable quality - they are dry, the tips are cut, stacked in a bad hairstyle. It was the first week of the month you need to spend a lot of effort for treatment and strengthening hair, and keeping hair healthy form. In the next few days - this is the perfect time to change its image. Month of June is the most auspicious days for haircuts just falls in the middle of this month.

Favorable days for a wave of hair

Lunar calendar of hairstyles on June 2016At some time perm makeshair more docile and compliant. Splendour hair, ease of styling, beautiful curls - all justifies the negative aspects of the creation of hairstyles. Everyone knows that the perming strongly dries hair. We need a long time to wait until the damaged hair completely rested, so during this time you will have to rebuild your hair. If we compare the hair with any plant, it is possible to certainly say that it blooms directly depends on the soil on which it grows. That is why it is necessary to nourish your hair. Spend a head massage or apply a special whey for food, you can give your hair a greater vitality and enhance the blood circulation under the scalp.
Curling their hair on the calendar can bespending 11, 13, 14 of June. You have to remember that after the perm is not desirable to dye their hair. If you decide to curl your hair without the use of chemical agents, it is possible to buy a bobbin of different shapes and carry out bold experiments. you created the curls are best kept 3, 4, 5 June. Hair can be fed vitamins - you have to adjust the power of your hair, because in the summer of so many fresh fruits and vegetables.

Favorable days for hair dyeing

Unfortunately, not all women believe in the power of the moon andMother Nature, but all the same, many were convinced that the practice really works. Lunar calendar takes place in the schedule of each girl, in some cases overlap in their popularity usual calendar with the days of the week and 12 months. If you follow the lunar calendar, the day of hair coloring also plays important. If you decide to dye your hair on the second day of the moon, it is quite possible that you will become rich! Colouring your hair at the beginning of the lunar cycle threatens a very successful career. You will be respected colleagues, new ideas will arise in the mind, adding more strength. On the third day of the moon should be used for coloring only natural dyes. In June 12 numbers can lighten your hair. Colouring your hair on Friday the 13th, and the next day will make you the sexiest lady.

Lunar calendar of hairstyles to June 2016: Favorable days for haircuts

Lunar calendar of hairstyles on June 2016The most auspicious days for haircuthis hair when the moon begins to pass through the constellation of Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo. After the cuts at this time the hair becomes stronger and healthier. They are well maintained and refined appearance is not disturbed, even after they grow back completely. This happens 3, 4, 5, and 13, 14, June 15 and 23. In June, the waxing Moon coincides with the constellation of Sagittarius, which is why you can use this favorable time - you can give free rein to their imagination and to experiment with styling and asymmetrical haircuts. Excellent new haircut will look in combination with hair color in different shades. 10, 11, 17, June 28, your hair will not grow so fast, but it is fully compensated by a well-groomed and healthy appearance of your hair. Time from 21 June you can use to treat their hair.

Adverse days for haircuts

In June, all the "forbidden" daysof haircuts a little more. This, above all on June 5 that it is necessary to exclude, as it was at this time a lunar eclipse will occur. is not desirable in this day, to do something with your hair, you can simply wash the shampoo and use a special conditioner to your hair combed better for them. Also it is necessary to abandon the cuts and at the time when the moon is in the constellation Scorpio, Aquarius and Cancer, or as a result you can weaken your immune system, and run the risk of catching cold. You save the defenses of the organism, when these days will carry out medical procedures - rinse decoction of herbs, the use of special masks and conditioners. Try to always carry a special lunar calendar, from time to time verify with them, you will always be the most beautiful and healthy!