Lunar Calendar hair clippers in October 2016

Lunar Calendar hair clippers in October 2016In order to hair healthy and beautiful,It recommended to cut only appropriate for this day of the lunar calendar. As a rule, a haircut is recommended only in growing moon, a waning - is very rare.

With the rising of the moon calendar in October 2016, namely with the appropriate days for cutting hair, readers can learn in this article.

The period from the first to October 10

Between the first through October 10 days most of the neutral as regards Women's haircut and painting. This means that the efficiency of hairdressing treatments within the specified time will be slightly longer than the average.

A more detailed description by day readers will be able to meet as follows:

  • October 1.

This day is not recommended for any procedures with the hair, whether it is a haircut or a perm. It is better to carry out his plan to another more appropriate for this day.

New Moon in Libra.

  • October 2.

The second of October (up to ten in the evening) - One of the mostfavorable days of the month soglasnorastuschey moon in October 2016 for a haircut and hair growth. Whatever the chosen hairdressing, they will benefit. Hair will become a more attractive appearance, will be healthier and will get a natural shine. Waxing Moon is in Libra.

Lunar Calendar hair clippers in October 2016

  • Days from the second to the fifth of October.

Days two through October 5 (with elevenevening until half past eleven days) are considered neutral for a hairstyle. From curling is best to give up and leave this procedure for later. But laying the contrary happens surprisingly very good.

Waxing Moon is in Scorpio.

  • Days seven through 10 October.

Like the previous days - specified periodTime is neutral according to the calendar of the moon rising in October 2016 for a hairstyle of hair coloring. Having decided to podstrizhku, the girl should be prepared for the fact that hair grows back faster than a waning moon.

From the seventh to the October 10 Lunar calendar of hairstyles recommended to do the procedures, reinforcinghair. For example, washing the beer's head is considered very useful. You should also pay attention to a variety of nutritious wraps and head massage, stimulating the active growth of hair follicles.

Waxing Moon is in Capricorn.

Lunar Calendar hair clippers in October 2016

The period from the eleventh to the October 20

According to the calendar of the moon rising in October 2016 for cutting hair will be relevant following days:

  • From the eleventh to the twelfth of October.

From the eleventh to twelfth number (with halfnine in the morning until four in the evening) - a neutral period of the calendar of the moon rising in October 2016 for a hairstyle. The effectiveness of it amount to little more than the average.

For the ladies who like all the extravagant period from the eleventh to 12 October - the best time to make any fantasy haircut.

Waxing Moon is in Aquarius.

  • From the twelfth to the fourteenth of October.

With shag hairstyle is better to wait. Even the most highly skilled craftsmen will not be able to cope with hair. Mowing is likely to be crowned with the appearance of dandruff.

Mytevolos during this period it is desirable to temporarilynot to do. This time is not the best and irons. On the contrary, if there is a need to remove hair in the nose or ears - it is best to do this right now. Hair will gradually become thinner. And then become quite fragile and cease to bring inconvenience.

Lunar Calendar hair clippers in October 2016

Waxing Moon is in Pisces.

  • From the fourteenth to the sixteenth of October.

From the twelfth to the fourteenth (sixevening until six in the evening) - unfavorable period on the calendar of the moon rising in October 2016 for a hairstyle. At this time, any manipulation of the hair can contribute to their future is very long recovery. Men should not shave his beard and cut.

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Waxing Moon is in Aries.

  • The sixteenth of October.

Sixteenth of October - a full moon in Aries. This day will be unfavorable for all manipulation of the hair. Having decided to cut or painting, the girl should be prepared for the fact that the hair will be injured.

  • From the sixteenth to the eighteenth of October.

Waning Moon is in Taurus.

  • From the eighteenth to the twentieth of October.

From the eighteenth to the twentieth of October (with sixevening until six in the evening of the next day) - a neutral time to manipulate the hair. The only exception - coloring and styling. They are obtained surprisingly very successful. The same goes for the curler. Made at that time, it will stay on the hair for a long time.

Waning Moon is in Gemini.

The period from the twentieth on October 31

  • With the twentieth on 22 October.

In the period from the twentieth on October 22(From half past six in the evening until half past ten in the evening) is not recommended to get a haircut. Having decided to cut, will be faced with the problem of dry, brittle hair.

From bathing and waving unnecessarily also be temporarily avoided. The same applies to the use of various cosmetic products.

Waning Moon is in Cancer.

  • On the twenty-second to 25 October.

During this period, you can easily be solved for a haircut. But from the painting is still abandoned. The new color will not last too long. Time and money will be spent for nothing.

Waning Moon is in Leo.

  • On the twenty-fifth day on 27 October.

On the twenty-fifth on the 27th number (withsix in the morning until five in the evening), the best time to decide on the changes associated with the haircut. If haircut falls on the period from the twenty-fifth to the 27th number, longer hair will retain its shape. With all that hair follicles will grow too slowly. But the result will be worth it - they will become thick and shiny.

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Hair painting during this period do notrecommendatory. As a result she will be able to enjoy long. Painting can be replaced by a wave. In addition, the period from the twenty-fifth on the 27th numbers for a variety of nail treatments (manicure, pedicure,).

Lunar Calendar hair clippers in October 2016

Waning Moon is in Virgo.

  • On the twenty-seventh on 30 October.

On the twenty-seventh to the thirtieth of October (withfour pm to five in the morning), it is recommended to visit the barber. Regardless, on what kind of procedure decided the young lady, they will go exclusively to the benefit of the current condition of the hair, especially if it does not match the desired effect.

In addition this time is ideal for hair transplantation or to repair damaged lashes.

Waning Moon is in Libra.

  • The thirtieth of October.

The thirtieth of October from five in the morning until half past eightthe evening is not recommended to resort to hairdressing services. Irresistible desire haircut or color is transferred to some other more opportune day.

New Moon in Scorpio.

  • Thirty-first of October.

Thirty-first of October - neutral day for haircuts and hair coloring. From perm is necessary to refuse in general. But laying make - the most it. She should get an incredibly good.