Lunar calendar for February 2016 for hair cutting and coloring

Lunar calendar for February 2016 for hair cutting and coloringMore BC people believed in an amazingMoon property to influence almost all living organisms. While this phenomenon is associated with the manifestation of the will of the gods. More recently, scientists have proved that the ancients were close to the truth.

The motion of the satellite around the planet really works on many things, ranging from the surf, and ending with certain processes within the human body.

You can believe or not believe in astrology, butthe data presented here, rather astronomical. And they confirmed the same extensive experience of numerous generations and science. Because you offer to pay a lunar calendar for February 2016 for hair cutting and dyeing the most attention.

The first decade of the month: February 1-10

It starts with the last month of winter is not the best period for the haircuts and hairstyles. Moon remains at the stage of decreasing in the early morningincluded in its latest quarter, it passes through the stars of Scorpio. If trim February 1, 2016 hair, a high risk of a variety of ailments. Similar effects will be and by bleaching. But natural remedy like Basma touch up curls in dark tone can be.

Lunar calendar for February 2016 for hair cutting and coloring

The next day, waning moon moves fromScorpio to Sagittarius. This is one of the most negative days for haircuts. Even slight trimming tips at home is fraught with aggravation of chronic diseases. But in relation to February 3 Expert opinions differ greatly. Some call the period until the moon is full under the "jurisdiction" of Sagittarius, is very good for changing hairstyles, and for bleaching, and are reminded of the signs, according to which the change of the image of the day - to money. Some argue that in order to avoid problems with vision during shearing should be moved, and the dye to the hair is better not to approach. Also, not all recommend doing anything with the hair until the evening of 4, especially short haircuts.

But the fifth and sixth, if you look into the moonCalendar for February 2016, auspicious days, even the very hair cutting and coloring. Then the satellite crosses the sign of Capricorn, which means that any maneuvers with the hair will be successful and will bring only positive emotions. But keep in mind that the fifth is more appropriate for an ordinary visit to the master, while the 6th - the perfect time for a radical change in appearance.

The remaining ten days of days suitable for shorteningstrands worse. Eighth numbers during a new moon, once again to disturb the hair generally contraindicated in order to avoid a sharp deterioration in the immune system. The same goes for the tenth month when the growing - in Pisces. Seventh and ninth in general can be a little touch up the strands in bright or natural shades, but shortened during hair clippers, Again, not worth it.

Lunar calendar for February 2016 for hair cutting and coloring

The second decade: February 11-20

On the first day be sure to avoid the decadestaining. Haircut can only be achieved if we are talking about the confused couple vystriganii pryadok or taking away split ends. Otherwise, you will find that you all day will haunt alarm. More radically changing the appearance is postponed to 12 numbers, then the satellite will take a strong position near the constellation Aries. Mowing on a given day, we are told by the lunar calendar cycle, maybe even attract money.

Next few days a lot worse for a campaign tomaster. Specifically, we are talking about the gap between the 13 and 15 February, when the satellite will pass the sign of Taurus and close to Gemini. By virtue of what in the opinion of astrologers change hairstyles, not only worsen the health, but also lead to the scandal with friends. 16 of the effect of changing hairstyles to body condition will be even stronger in the same negative light. But the next day can be dyed locks. As for the 18 and 20 of February, in these days to do anything with the hair can only blonde. But the number 19 - a very good day for everyone. It is important to know and how how to choose a hair dye!

The final decade: February 21-29

Lunar calendar for February 2016 for hair cutting and coloring

It is a good day for a hike to the salon will be 21number is growing moon in Leo. And for the next number of opinions are twofold: on the one hand, on the personal and social life affect haircut is great, on the other - can hurt the head then. 23 and 24 February, while the moon does not come out from under the sign of Virgo, strictly avoid hairdressers, if do not want to get serious problems with hair, but the number 25 is lucky enough denёk painting. But the twenty-sixth to health and long short haircut great impact, but it can make a woman a little forgetful.

As for the last three days of winter, the twoof them - 27 and 28 numbers - a very nice days from all points of view and for cutting and staining. Changing the image will improve your mood, improve health lightly, give confidence and calm the soul. But the twenty-ninth poosteregsya again to change anything in the attitude of the hair. Otherwise, spring and then you meet, feeling no better.