Hairstyles with ribbing photos and recommendations

Hairstyles with ribbing photos and recommendationsRecently hairstyles with ripple became the mostfashionable and popular. Such hair styling, ribbed used in fashion shows, they make themselves Hollywood celebrities for various celebrations. Equally popular are also among ordinary fashionistas at festivals, parties and nightclubs.

Varieties of hairstyles with ripple

There are several different types of corrugation, theirIt can be divided into: large, medium and small. But the most popular is the middle type of ripple that is suitable for almost all girls, regardless of the length and type of hair. Average for its shape resembles a jagged waves of small size.

Hairstyles with ribbing photos and recommendations

Close view of ripple will look great onlong and thick hair, it is presented in the form of wavy broad strands. The smallest nozzle may not suit all women of fashion, for example, if you have curly hair, then before doing a hair ripple must first align the hair with ironing. Therefore, small ripple, it will look great on straight hair.

Hairstyles with ribbing photos and recommendations

How to use utjuzhkom

Before making a hairstyle with the hair on the rippleHeat protective means must be applied, as in the creation of hairstyles hair lend themselves directly to high temperatures, and this adversely affects their health and appearance.

It is necessary to comb your hair and divide them intoseveral individual strands. Starting from the very roots of all the strands, it is necessary to iron tongs. This must be done in such a way: gently insert a strand of hair iron in itself and hold the hair for a few seconds, followed by the next part of the strand, toward the ends. Continue to do the same thing to the end. And in order to achieve long-term effect of their hair, you can fix it carefully with varnish.

Trendy hairstyles with ripple

Hairstyles with ribbing photos and recommendations

You do not have to do all the curlsripple, you can show all their imagination and treat utjuzhkom few selected strands you. It can be good to comb your hair and leave it as it is, the so-called "creative chaos", or you can decorate them to your liking. For styling your hair, you can use all kinds of beads, ribbons, barrettes, or you can create any hairstyle is different. It will look great ripple, and the girls with short hair is perfect hairstyle bob with elements ripple. In addition you can make ripple long hair and put them in a slightly sloppy knot, make a low or a high ponytail.

Hairstyles with ribbing photos and recommendations

Very popular in recent yearskolotrovanie uses, which implies a floor painting curls in different colors will look very impressive in a hair crimped locks of different colors. Gofre can even be used in the creation of evening hairstyles, but in this case you will have to ask for help in the beauty salon to a good hairdresser. You can ask for a master of beautiful flower hair, flower and leaves make corrugated.

You can do hair ripple or conventional weteffect. To make your hair had a clearly defined path "ripple", then pre-dry the hair and apply a foam or gel for hair laying - so you get "wet" ripple effect. To do this, all of the hair should be divided into separate strands, after which utjuzhkom "push" each strand individually.

Hairstyles with ribbing photos and recommendations

There is another effect of creating hairstyles forachieve a lush volume, use the hair iron to create a ripple, and then comb the hair comb with a few teeth enough. And in order to "ripple" only slightly raises your hair, then do only ripple on the top strand of hair.

Hairstyles with ripple can be worn as a daily,and other celebrations and the title of the party. You can collect their crimped hair in a ponytail or in a sloppy bun, tie a rubber band.

Hairstyles with ribbing photos and recommendations

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