Hairstyle "French waterfall": weaving machines

Hairstyle "French waterfall": weaving machinesWhat is the hairstyle "Frenchwaterfall"? In the life of every young girl and a woman comes a very important event, in advance of which it needs to create the most beautiful and fashionable hairstyle, which will be different from all the everyday choices and will be beneficial to emphasize all its advantages. Recently, very popular hairstyle with braiding. But ordinary braids have long become boring girls, they almost outlived itself by virtue of its simplicity.

Therefore, today we look delicate appearanceweave and braid it, "French waterfall." This is an unusual spit that perfectly emphasizes the romantic nature of the owner, but if you learn how to braid it, it will create stunning masterpieces one of your own hair.

Currently hairstyle "French waterfall"It is very popular. She looks gorgeous on the lines, as well as curly hair. Besides this hairstyle is very pertinent as in everyday life, and at the party.

The great advantage is its hairstylesfull availability. To create the most attractive way you do not need to go to a beauty salon or use the gel, also do not need and thermal styling. You only have to master the art of weaving braids usual. Outwardly it resembles a beautiful hairstyle wreath, wearing on his head, out of which the strands are visible.

Hairstyle "French waterfall": weaving machines

Hairstyle "French waterfall": a bit of history

Argued that this hairstyle gets itscurrent name of this waterfall. On the French territory of the Iberian Peninsula is one very beautiful place - Gavarnie Falls, the height of which reaches up to 1400 meters on the sea, and its jets of water at the time of his fall down overcome the distance of 420 meters. Some believe that this place inspired by the French stylist to create a beautiful hairstyle. As a comparison of long strands that gradually falls from the shoulders to the waist or to the waist is very appropriate: an unusual weaving are locks in the form of a falling jet is sprayed at the bottom.

Many "French waterfall" variants allow hairstyles often change the image. If you decorate this hairstyle original accessories, you can safely go to any celebration.

hairstyles weaving technique

Hairstyle "French waterfall": weaving machinesWell comb his hair, and take in handa small portion of your hair, starting with the bangs, and divide into three main strands, as well as during normal weaving braids. As the performance of weaving should gradually weave curls on the side, until you reach the ear area. As a result, you get three strands: on the right side, where you will weave the additional locks, in the middle and on the left side. After that you can continue braiding strands cross from the left hand side with the middle strand. In this case the right to skip down and weave it into the braid. Quit lock should be replaced by a new strand, which is necessary to take from the bottom, from the base of the hair. When the right strand of your hair will once again be at the bottom - it must also be omitted and replaced by a new strand again. Hairstyle "French waterfall" will give a lightness of your image.

During such use need braidingOnly two major strands of hair. Braided plait can reach up to the middle of the head or completely decorate the entire circumference. At the end you need to braid the most ordinary braid or weave the very foundation of secure with hairpins, and a drop-down curl remains. No less attractive option of the weave of the type "Malvinka". In other words, when the cascading tresses braided with two symmetrical sides, and then in the neck they merge together and are held together with elegant clasp.

The classic version of weaving "French waterfall" Spit

The classic version of the creation of the hairstylescharacterized in that it drags on the bottom of the hair itself, if you have a long hair, in this case, the hair formed a real waterfall, which, by its oblique edge framed.

Comb your hair, make a neat sidemiddle and divide all your hair into two parts. You can start weaving braids on either side. Near by parting need to take one strand and divided into three equal parts, twist them once during a normal weaving braids. Braid your hair into a neat French braid, with add hair on one side only. weaving technique that involves hairstyle "French waterfall" much remains to choose the most suitable.

Try to keep the hair braiding on the edge of addingonly a thin strand. Likewise need braid hair and on the other hand. Both braids to be connected in a small ponytail and secure with a rubber band or a barrette.

Hairstyle "French waterfall": weaving machines

If such a hairstyle is forcertain celebrations, you can pokoldovat bit with her hair, and as a result you'll get stunning image. Just before the start of weaving is necessary to wind your locks in curlers and a little to comb it from the roots. With such a reception, you can achieve a natural volume on your head. If you want to braid cascading braid work, in which case you can leave your hair completely straight. In this case, your hair will be more rigorous.

This hairstyle perfectly with dressesdifferent styles. This may be a bright cocktail dress, jeans or a strict classic suit. Therefore, you can easily do yourself a weaving and not worry about the fact that such a hairstyle does not fit into your entire image. Very unusual looks such a hairdo with a pencil. This netting is virtually no different from creating a conventional waterfall, but apart from the last part. When the locks are dopleteny to the ear, not in a hurry to fix them: carefully collect all the hair in a ponytail.

Then with a comb to dofleece, so that your future was more voluminous bouffant. Then you need to skip through hair weaving, as a result of forming a small beam. To hairstyle "French Waterfall" is not broke, fix its bolts. Changing varieties of hairstyle every time you create new images of yourself, and you'll spend a lot of money.