Trendy hairstyles with bangs for medium hair: Trends 2016

Trendy hairstyles with bangs for medium hair: Trends 2016Beautiful and stylish short haircut eliminatesI need every day to think about the hair and styling. It is not always easy to decide what to cut off the long and even medium hair. In may, Trendy hairstyles 2016 photo on medium hair with bangs for women will help to decide on such a serious, but in the long term profitable opportunity.

If the girl has never had a short haircut,she can not even imagine how it is practical, convenient and beautiful. However, in order not to add to his extra years to hair went well immediately after washing, need to correctly pick a haircut.

This material contains the best and popularTrendy hairstyles 2016 photos on medium hair with bangs women for full and skinny girls who emphasize the individuality and always will be, as they say, to face.

Features of the season 2016

Now it should be noted that short haircuts never out of fashion. This refers, of course, their women's options. There was a time when short hair was considered daring and dare not every woman at such a revolutionary step. Today, a girl with short hair no surprise, as if mowing is done well, then it will look amazing. Perhaps, like several options short haircuts. Choose a specific option is recommended with your hairdresser.

Trendy hairstyles with bangs for medium hair: Trends 2016

He will be able to advise that it is better suited specific shape and facial features. All the same, at the stylist has a huge experience in this business and in its interests to give the right advice to the lady, seeing herself in the mirror with a new hairstyle, just squealed with delight.

Long textured bangs

This variant hairstyles for short hair can be called a hit of the past season, which flowed smoothly in the year 2016. This allows you to bang every day to experiment with short hair.

Someone combs it to the side or back, longbangs can be fixed pins, attach the rim, bright scarves to tie hair in such an embodiment, a hairstyle - another practical and original solution.

These fashionable hairstyles 2016 photos on medium hairwith bangs women over 30 years is ideal. They look fashionable and modern, do not add extra years, and make the image of a stylish and memorable. If you choose a hairstyle with bangs is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the mask it will not work. However, if you have some disadvantages appearance, with the help of their long bangs can always hide.

Trendy hairstyles with bangs for medium hair: Trends 2016

The long thick bangs

There's nothing you can do: bang in the season 2016 in fashion. The second option is a short hairstyle is when the fringe is thick and comes up to the eyebrows, or even lower. These hairstyles are suitable for women with oval faces, with elongated faces. That is, fringe makes the face more rounded, so that, at the same form of little face, it can get too spherical.

So, this type of optical fringe increasesthe width of the cheeks and focuses on the area of ​​the cheekbones. So, with the round and triangular face is from a bang should be discarded. At the same time, with an oval face shape is better to make a beveled bang. On the other hand, its length can be extreme: even on the floor face.

Neat bangs in an arch shape is perfectfor ladies with thin and neat features. Such a beautiful and spectacular fringe frames the forehead. If the line of hair growth is not smooth, the short hairstyle with bangs for different types of ladies will not fit.

"Torn bangs"

Do not think that fashionable hairstyles 2016 photos onmedium hair with bangs for women after 40 is no longer necessary to do so as not to look stupid. On the contrary, this type of hairstyle will look stylish and modern. In the end, life is certainly only the beginning of forty years in the modern world.

Trendy hairstyles with bangs for medium hair: Trends 2016

Torn bangs will hit in 2016. It is done by strong thinning hair ends. At the same time, it does not need much time to beautifully and correctly put a bang. Another great advantage of this option is that it is suitable for any face shape.


In 2015, it was a fashionable hairstyle withname, its relevance in the current year, it is also not lost. This haircut at different times made itself different celebrities, for example, Emma Watson and Michelle Williams. Looks haircut bold and incredibly creative.

When deciding to cut her hair that wayway, there are many opportunities to experiment with stacking. This makes it possible to draw attention to the beneficial features of face. Hair necessarily need to be laid, then "pixie" will look elegant and impressive.

Trendy hairstyles with bangs for medium hair: Trends 2016

Like these ones Trendy hairstyles 2016 photo on medium hair with bangs women cansafely be considered for implementation in his head this season. If you have never dared to take this step, but for a long time you like, it might be the right time. In 2016 Trendy hairstyles for women will be on the crest of a wave of popularity.