Fashionable hair color 2016: photos

Fashionable hair color 2016: photosGirls, fashion-conscious, knows that color isimportance, not only when it comes to stylish branded things or manicure. The beauty industry makes its own rules. In order to stay in the fashionable world afloat, should also pay attention to the fact, what color hair (photo) in vogue in 2016.

What color hair are relevant for owners of brown eyes?

Dark brown or chocolate - the best solution for owners of brown eyes. Equally good are the colors look like on girls with dark skin, and the light-skinned divah.

Honey Blonde - very unusual, but nonethelessvery original solution for women with brown eyes. This shade of hair give the image of mystery and draw the attention of others to the side out of the beauty with a beautiful Women's haircut and hair blondie.

Different shades of black - another datethe answer for women who are interested in what color hair (photo) in fashion in 2016 for brown eyes. With him the image of the lady sparkle with new colors. Blacks - is the fact you should pay attention to girls who adhere to a strict dress code. Do not forget to do a make mandatory. Without it, a person on the background of dark hair can look too dark.

Fashionable hair color 2016: photos

Shades of red - for those who are willing togo to experiment with her hair, and is not afraid of the attention surrounding his person. The palette of colors gives the colorist to a good site where you can "roam". Trusting in the hands of a true professional, she certainly will be pleased with these changes.

How to choose a hair color for girls with blue eyes?

The choice of hair color for girls with blue eyes is also based on the rules dictated by the professional beauty industry. Among the most fashionable colors this season should pay attention to:

  • Ombre.

Among the advantages of this painting a leaderIt occupies a volume. It is equally important for women with thin hair and for ladies with thick. How much would not have been the nature of lush hair style, the additional volume will not prevent ever. Especially during the cold season, when the entire installation in the wind quickly descends to "no".

Plus Ombre - staining technique,approximating the hair to their natural shade. Bright tips with darker roots in tandem with the blue eyes will create the image of a charming girl-Slav. Choose for yourself a hair dye.

Fashionable hair color 2016: photos

  • Browns.

Talking about what hair color in fashion in 2016picture blue eyes, brown beauty-master is called a true leader. Firstly, it will enhance the visual depth of the eye. Secondly, this is one of the natural shades, which can be attributed to the restrained. And that means that the girl (if she does not want most of) does not have to repaint in a radically different from its current color shades to be fashionable. Especially if she is not ready to be the center of attention in others.

Brown - great for fans of natural hair colors.

  • Cool Blonde.

Due to this color, you can preserve the naturalshade of hair, thus making it more vivid and saturated. Moreover, unlike many others, it does not impart yellowness to hair, from which subsequently are not so easily escape.

Fashionable hair color 2016: photos

Due to the cold light brown girl with blue eyes can emphasize its refinement and elegance.

Fashionable hair color for girls with green eyes

To get girlfriends among the deserved status of "fashionista", owners of green eyes is worth paying attention to such fashionable this season, shades of hair:

  • Chocolate.

Dark colors are always very feminine and noble. In combination with green eyes - a real bomb. With him she will reveal her natural sexuality.

Thus this hair color combined with any skin type. Plus, you understand what hair color in fashion in 2016 for zelenoglazok, clothes as in the photo, you can choose almost any.

Shearing also has some special significance. With a touch of "chocolate" everything looks quite attractive.

Fashionable hair color 2016: photos

  • Auburn.

Red-haired beast with green eyes - the ideal of many modern men. The green-eyed beauty can rejoice. This hair color in the current fashion season is one of the most trendy.

If a girl has freckles, do not hide them under a thick layer of foundation. In tandem with the red hair lady they will give even more charming.

  • Dark blond.

What hair color in fashion in 2016 photosgreen eyes but dark blond. Light Brown color looks very attractive with long curls. But in the short haircuts that color is no less interesting.

Fashionable hair color 2016: photos

Many girls are very vain considered unremarkable and even gray. With the right styling and high-quality make-up, he will open for real.

Trendy colors for short hair

It is believed that the short hair by holderscompared with the long-haired beauties are deprived of every privilege - it harder to pick up her hair, every day you have to do packing and colors of choice at all is a big problem.

Professional colorists hurry to dispel this myth and share the secrets of how hair color in fashion in 2016. photo on short hair:

  • Ombre.

This hair coloring technique - the most fashionable inmodern hairdressing. Its essence lies in the fact that the hair color is not solid, but which become each other shades of light and dark or vice versa. Thus the roots remain unpainted.

Fashionable hair color 2016: photos

A few years ago, a girl with dark rootsa relatively light hair with blond roots or be considered quite fashionable with dark hair, in fact - just untidy. Today it is a real trend, which is followed by hundreds of beautiful women around the world.

The only condition - a paintingperforms professional-colorist. Otherwise, the hopes for a good result is meaningless. Hair color should be gently passing - is the main difference from other similar Ombre techniques. Independently she hardly able to cope with this.

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  • Shatush.

If the color Ombre smoothly into eachother across the length of the hair, the technique shatush almost its opposite. Strands can be lightened in a chaotic manner or else completely. Mandatory conditions - need to lighten the hair ends.

Fashionable hair color 2016: photos

As for a smooth transition of colors,this is done at the request of the most fashionable women. This technique is ideal for those ladies who are not ready for a radical change in their image and want to stay as far as possible with the native hair color.

  • Brondirovanie.

Brondirovanie includes the use of four or more colors. It is very important to achieve the most natural color. This technique is also called also 3D-staining.

Fashionable hair color 2016: photos

This painting - the best solution for ownersthin and rare hair. With brondirovanie hairstyle will look noticeably bulkier. But this does not mean that it is not suitable for owners of thick hair presented staining technique. On the contrary - the effect will exceed all expectations.

  • Coloring.

The trend of the season - and platinum coloringUse vivid strawberry shades. Owners dark hair, look at the options for painting with black and copper hues.