Features bob bob haircut for short hair

Features bob bob haircut for short hairWhen you need to choose a hairstyle for short hair,the options are usually offered not much. For several decades, a popular option is bob bob haircut. Moreover, to make the cut is possible not only short, but also the average or even long hair. In general, the length does not matter.

Facts from history

It is clear that this common haircutwhich can now be done every hairdresser, a long time ago someone came up with. Oddly enough, but the prototype of women's bob-bob became men, or rather even, boyish hairstyle. Bob bob haircut for short hair: photo 2016 front and back and features just such a hair cutting options discussed in detail in this article.

The history of the occurrence of shearing takes us intothe first half of the last century. Then that option hairstyle made her a woman of the night cabaret dancer. It featured while striking style and innovative approach. In the end, of course, this haircut for boys in the shape of a woman has caused astonishment of the public. But who knows, if not for this brave woman, then whenever ladies began to be cut short. The lady called Irene Castle, so called haircut "Bob, Irene." That is, a haircut "Bob" as a boyish version existed, but it was necessary to come up with a separate name for the female hairstyle is such a plan. Read about what you can choose hairstyles for medium hair.

Then, after some more time, there was a bookFitzgerald's "Coma." The book became besterllerom and brought into fashion, a broad mass fashion, short hairstyles for women. If you have not read the novel, there is told about the modest home girl who once sostrigla her long luxurious hair and became bold, bright person. The main character in the next few years after the publication of this book has become the object of imitation. Moreover, not only for the brave and bright girls, but also for shy and humble lady who would like to become bolder and begin to stand out from the crowd.

Features bob bob haircut for short hair

Then the fashion for women's haircuts a little weakened, andagain started talking about it after Coco Chanel became popular all over the world. Because, this is the woman designer came up with a variety of options styling for short hair for women. Coco herself, too, wore a short haircut, she was a model of elegance and femininity.

Features haircuts bob-bob

Bob bob haircut for short hair: Photo 2016 front and rear can be seen in the photographs. But then, of course, you need to understand that only a specialist, based on the shape of the face a particular lady, the features of the skull structure can predict how it will look in the form of a bob bob particular woman. Although, in fairness it must be said that the practice shows that this haircut fits all.

Now it's time to talk about the generalespecially women's bob haircut. Bob-bob haircut is versatile, it combines elements of the classic bob haircut and boyish bob. It turns out the combination of femininity and mischief, with the result that gives the image of personality, style, and even to some extent aristocracy.

Due to the fact that now the fashion for hairstylesactively developing, there are all new stylists who come up with their own versions of this hairstyle. So, the photo bob-bob can be very different. On the other hand, you can choose the most suitable option for the particular shape of the face, for a certain hair length and thickness. With the ability to change the shape of a little bob haircut, hairstyle such beneficial hides the flaws and perfectly emphasizes the dignity of every woman, expresses the individuality of style and special taste.

Features specific to haircuts bob-bob:

  1. Nape is necessarily high and shorn short;

  2. Front locks tend to remain elongated. However, their length can be quite different, it all depends on the general ideas stylist;

  3. Bob-bob is most often done with a bang (although,request lady haircut can be no distinct bangs). In recent years, it decided to experiment with long bangs and even color, making it different shapes;

  4. With regard to the contours of the haircut, they should be clear;

  5. Through a combination of short-haired nape and clear contours, it turns out to create a large amount of color even if the hair is not thick.

  6. Haircut bob-bob can be namedUniversal, it is suitable to all the ladies, regardless of age and other criteria. Only then it is important to pick up that option hairstyle that would be acceptable and the best in each case.

Differences from the square

Despite the fact that in the title of this hairstyleIt contains part of the "square" to the traditional hairstyle of this kind, of course, there are clear differences. In the first place, to the square characteristic clean cut on the shoulder line of hair and bangs (fringe, usually done at the level of the eyebrows). With regard to the bob haircut, the bangs can there be any length or the hairstyle is often done without any bangs. Moreover, the hair is clipped on the jaw line or above. Technology implementation of these cuts is similar.

Features bob bob haircut for short hair

You have to understand, and it shows in the photo givenin this material, there is today a great number of variations of both cuts and often the line between them is blurred. For example, a certain hairstyle is difficult to attribute to a square or a bean, but this is not so important name as the wizard and effort to make a hairstyle perfectly fit the image and appearance of the individual characteristics of the individual woman. What you can do hairstyles at home independently.

Varieties haircuts bob-bob


This bob haircut bob short hair: Photo 2016 front and back of the photos will also look traditional. Strands that are in front, extended, but the back of the head hair cut as short as possible. This hair cut is parallel to the jaw line in the direction of the ear to the chin.

If you look at a cut from the side, theit is seen that hair as though cut at an angle. Alternatively, make a haircut and a cascade, it saves time during installation lady. In the case of a cascade haircut bob-bob, made in classical technique, always looks neat and space.

With extension

This is a popular modern version is donebob-bob. This haircut prefer young ladies. A characteristic feature is the long front strands, bangs and a different form, as a complement - the ability to selectively coloring strands. Variations of such a haircut, there are many.

Features bob bob haircut for short hair

With beveled neck

For such a bean by women hasfeature - is an in-depth profiling for the entire length of hair. For this option a business lady haircuts bob-bob is ideal. Excellent tips on choosing hairstyles for short hair.

Features bob bob haircut for short hair

The asymmetry of strands

If you think that you are a personunusual and creative, bright and stylish, you should choose this option bob-bob. Feature haircuts in the house that one strand is shorter than the other. Through this creative approach to haircutting turns out to hide some flaws of the face. With regard to the length of the front curls, it can be any.

On leg

In this embodiment, the stylist occipitalIt is shorn of the very short or can be completely shaved. At the same time the front strands are extended, and additional volume is created on top of the head. Haircut looks great, and the front and rear. It offers beautiful shoulders, neck bending stresses. Experiments can be conducted with long strands, as well as to various embodiments of the paving shearing.

Graduated approach

For this variety of bean-kare is characterized bythe presence of multiple layers. With this, a hairdresser, using different techniques hairstyles, trying to create color negligence and artistic mess. Running haircut often in a cascade technique (the most known in the "ladder" of the people).

Bob bob haircut for short hair: Photo 2016 front and back shows just how extraordinary this variation can be obtained hairstyle. Once, in the days of Coco Chanel, short haircuts were at the peak of popularity. Today, they are returning to fashion and creative ladies and masters will help achieve beautiful visual effects, highlighting all the advantages of the image and the maximum hiding its flaws.