Balayazh for dark hair: Features procedures before and after photos

Balayazh for dark hair: Features procedures before and after photosBalayazh - already familiar to Russian beautiesword for the type of hair dyeing. The main advantage of this technique is that it does not have age restrictions. Balayazh on dark hair (photo before and after), namely, straight hair looks like a very original young girls and mature ladies.

The unique technique provides incredibleresults - your hair appear more voluminous visually, the person becomes more fresh, and the girl herself feels like a real star. After all, American stars have entered the fashion of painting technique balayazh - starting from the roots and ending with his hair gradually become lighter. Thus the roots of the hair dye is very rare. This is the fashionable hair color in 2016.

Features selection of paint colors for different tsvetotip

Choosing a paint color, you can follow two different options:

  1. Natural painting.

The natural coloring is ideal for thoseLadies who are not ready for radical change in its image. The difference will not exceed more than two colors. Hair color over the entire length to be natural, that is, close to the natural.

  1. A striking contrast.

Giving preference to a bright contrast, the girl should be prepared, to the transition between the colors will be radical. The difference could be between six tones and more.

Balayazh for dark hair: Features procedures before and after photos

Dark-haired beauty is recommended to pay attention to such nuances as:

  • chestnut;
  • eggplant;
  • bronze;
  • Brandy.

For burning brunettes suit shades of red.

If a girl is blonde, it is bestuse technology to perform balayazha platinum color. Fair-haired girls professionals recommend golden blond or ash. It is important to choose several shades of coloring pigment. This makes it possible to achieve the maximum smooth transition from one color to another.

Balayazh for dark hair: Features procedures before and after photos

Master class on balayazhu from professionals

First of all, it should again be recalled thatEquipment balayazh to dark hair (photo before and after) involves the use of multiple colors of dyes. Shades should be in the same sector of the color palette. Choosing a two-stage painting, master separates a few strands in the face and on the top. This little trick will subsequently achieve the effect of burning natural hair. Lunar Calendar hair clippers It will help determine the choice of a suitable hairstyle.

Technique staining depends on the length. However, there are some basic elements that are relevant for both long and short hair:

  1. First paint the nape area.
  2. Bang paint in the last turn.
  3. Divide hair into strands, tips treated with a special cleaning agent - this is the first stage of the work.
  4. If the hair is too short, makes fleece, so that they are as long as possible.
  5. The tips are wrapped in foil.
  6. On long hair dye is applied to the middle strands and gradually his "schesyvayut".
  7. The second stage - painting roots.
  8. It operates in a similar manner as in the painting tip.

Balayazh for dark hair: Features procedures before and after photos

The final stage of the procedure - remover pigments, shampooing, drying and styling (optional).

Technology implementation balayazha on short hair

Presented at the photo on balayazh dark hair (photo before and after) on bob bob haircut - Perfect sochetanie.Obraz girl turns romantic and incredibly gentle. In addition, the dyeing technique balayazhluchshy tandem clippers "elongated square".

Master works on the following principle:

  1. Hair spread on top and fix their jaws.
  2. Temporal and lower parts of the hair to remain in the free position.
  3. The paint is applied, armed with a comb with frequent teeth.
  4. Scallop put under locks and cause coloring pigment.
  5. Paint the bottom and the temporal part of the hair, begin to paint the top strands.
  6. Exposure time paint - twenty minutes.

Balayazh for dark hair: Features procedures before and after photos

As a rule, the exposure time for all dyepigments - twenty minutes. However, there may be exceptions. Before you start you need to carefully study the instructions in the paint. Otherwise, the hair can lighten too. And this, in turn, will not achieve the effect of "natural" on the hair.

Can we be like the American star, without visiting a beauty salon?

As practice shows, and videos on the dark balayazhhair (photo before and after) and it is possible to do at home, without the help of professionals. Due to the fact that this type of painting has many different variations, each girl alone can deal with it. Any awkward movement brush can then be explained by the "creative flight of thought."

Balayazh for dark hair: Features procedures before and after photos

Only in this case it has a value- A smooth transition. Without it, there will be no balayazh balayazhem. This will require to get a few stains and be able to choose a competent combination of the hair.

Furthermore, in order to be able to painthair at home, needed a few small plates, where it will be possible to dissolve the paint. Plus, the need gloves, brush, foil, film clips, and to avoid getting paint on the shoulders of his neck.

Balayazh for dark hair: Features procedures before and after photos

Hair care

Having balayazh on dark straight hair (photo and upafter), the girl should know how to properly care for colored hair. In this case, leaving virtually no different from the care of hair, painted in any other technique. You need to buy a special shampoo and hair conditioner. From the frequency of cleaning of the head depends how long will dye.

Balayazh for dark hair: Features procedures before and after photos

We recommend: Hairstyles at home on long hair with his hands

Re-painting should not be used to carry out,than three or four months (for hair with natural shade). If the hair is completely different bright color, repainting may be needed much earlier.

In addition, how quickly will have to repeatbalayazh procedure also depends on the speed of regrowth of roots. Businesses are not recommended to be painted more often than four times a year. In this case, the hair will become unattractive appearance - will posechennymi, brittle and dull.