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Why should I start practicing belly dancing

• total exercise. Despite the fact that in the classroom, "belly dance" is not necessary to dumbbells and step, do not need to do the leg press or long jump, all the movements are plastic and graceful, and if flow from one to another, in this case there is a grand work of all muscle groups: of the cervical muscles to muscles, resulting in movement of the legs fingers.

• modeling of the figures. Classes belly dancing allows to store (create) a wasp waist and a beautiful breast shape. There is a prejudice that this dance is not possible without the fat in the waist area. In fact, all the beauty and sophistication of the dance is achieved by a powerful work the abdominal muscles, the ability to intelligently alternate tension and relaxation of muscles. Thus, every occupation "go" the extra inches, and behind them and kilograms to the waist, the figure becomes more feminine. Movement of hands and smooth plastic, but they are carried out with force. These exercises strengthen the pectoral muscles.

• a chance to get rid of cellulite. Numerous "eight" hips, shaking will be the best tool in the fight for the beautiful hips and smooth skin.

• flexibility and body flexibility, mobilityjoints. Despite the fact that the elements of dance perceived organically and naturally (because not in vain! Oriental dance especially popular, ie, not all academics invented and Eastern women showed their natural gifts to bring joy to his master), however, will have to exert maximum effort, especially in the first phase of training to master the basic movements. Every person has a natural flexibility, but not everyone is suspect. Belly dance helps to open up and learn about your body anymore.

• strengthening the back muscles. Strengthening the muscles of the back and the lumbar is due to the fact that all parts of the spine are involved in the movements of the dance. Improves posture, gait becomes easier.

• strain on the knee and ankle joints is reduced (compared with other dances and sports) at the expense of particular dance technique at prisognutyh, knees relaxed.

• breathing exercises. All aerobic movement, tied with the breath, allowing oxygen to enrich the internal organs. Such exercises will benefit, as the respiratory organs, and the organism as a whole.

• women Health. Small and large circles of the pelvis, working the abdominal muscles, shaking ... - a unique massage of internal organs of the abdomen and pelvis. Well cropped stagnation in the organs and tissues are stretched adhesions, improves circulation and motor function of the intestine.

• increases libido. This fact can be explained from a medical point of view: in a healthy body healthy desires. Perhaps there is that other explanations, but the fact remains.

• Only positive emotions !!! Even in the first stage, when it will be difficult, and not all at once out, dance to your heart's content, rich in modulations and rhythms, beautiful music to the features.

Tip: be sure to be engaged with a scarf tied at the hip, desirable or embroidered necklaces jangling belt. This will accentuate movement and improve mood.