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What's missing from your body?

What's missing from your body?

I would like: Chocolate
Not enough: Magnesium
Source: nuts, seeds, fruits, pulses and legumes.

It would be desirable: bread
Not enough: nitrogen
Source: foods high in protein (fish, meat, nuts).

I want: sweet
Not enough: glucose
Source: honey, sweet vegetables, berries and fruits.

I would like to: fatty foods
Not enough calcium
Source: broccoli, pulses and legumes, cheese, sesame

Interested in: cheese
Not enough calcium and phosphorus
Source: broccoli, milk, cheese

I want: smoked
Not enough: cholesterol
Source: avocado, red fish, nuts, and olives.

Interested in: sour
Not enough: Vitamin C
Source: lemons, cranberries, kiwi, strawberry, rose, brussels sprouts, and others.