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Useful tips for stretching.

Exposure time. It is proved that the most efficiently perform stretching exercises for 30 to 60 seconds. The first positive changes in the length of the muscle were observed after the 5th of a second stretch.

Number of approaches. Scientific studies have shown that the change in muscle length occurs in the first four sets. After the 1st stretching muscle length is increased, but the effectiveness of the impact is also stored in three approaches.

Regular classes. To achieve rapid results recommended practice every day or twice a day, even though a positive effect is seen even at 1.2 per week. But in any case, they should be regular.

Attention to feelings. Performing stretching exercises, avoid sharp pain. If there is muscle tremors, pain, vibration - this indicates excess load.

Stretching should bring relaxation and enjoyment.

Proper breathing. With proper breathing exercises efficiency increases by several times. Stretching the muscles you need to do on the exhale - it helps reduce muscle resistance, enhances relaxation of the nervous system and muscles.

Relaxation. It is impossible to stretch the tight muscles. Before stretching, it is necessary to relax.