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Tips for those who are engaged in fitness.

From fitness tired more often than from the diet. There are many reasons: the lack of quick and expressive result, an excessive load correctly selected type of training, as well as their banal monotony.

Usually, at the beginning of training all thesenegative points are smoothed enthusiastic beginner. However, over time, when fervor fades away, you begin a desperate struggle with the reluctance to continue playing sports. So, we are fighting with all factors individually and in combination. What can be done?

Tips for those who are engaged in fitness

Training is fun: 6 tips for those who are engaged in fitness

1. Change your workout. It's very simple, "owls" not worth doing intense workouts in the morning and "larks", respectively, in the evening, because it does not set up to work the body will resist. The value is also the time of year: to gather for a class, for example, at 8 pm in the summer and early fall is much easier than in winter.

2. If you can not transfer training time, choose a relatively mild training like yoga or swimming, which will not require the maximum impact force. It is better to engage with less intensity than not do at all.

3. Another possible course fool you - choose the classes immediately after use, so as not to be tempted to catch views of the soft couch.

4. Change the type of fitness. This is the canonical example of the revival of lost interest in activities. Kind of training may simply not fit your temperament, character, and even the abilities that are not always found out in the first class. Take advantage of special tests to refine your penchant for a particular type of fitness. Not a bad option - individual consultation with a trainer.

5. Change the coach or club. A coach can not make a form of doing exercise, manner of communication, methodology motivation, and just cause no reasonable personal dislike. The club can not hold the location, service, and yet you can lose one's attraction "colleagues" in the group.

6. Change the formula workouts. This is especially true in the gym. Without strength training full fitness activities can not be, but they tend to quickly become boring: strength training rather monotonous and also takes a fair amount of energy. No wonder that in a couple of months, kind of dumbbells is disgusting - the body protects itself from loss of strength, and the psyche - of boredom.

Action Plan to better align with the coach. However, experienced coaches usually try to take into account this aspect, every two or three months, changing an exercise program. There is also an opinion that should be constantly changing loads of schemes developed two programs: one - for the week A, the other - for weeks B.