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The secret of good vision

The secret of good vision SomeOphthalmologists experts believe that the bad mood and negative relation to reality are the causes of vision loss. But, according to scientists, health of the eye can be saved. The main thing - to know a few simple rules.

The secret of good vision

To keep a sharp eye, you must:

1. Tune in a positive way,

2. By working with small objects, provide regular rest your eyes,

3. Try not to cry for a long time,

4. Delete hot tubs and trips to the sauna,

5. Include in your daily diet of pomegranate juice.

In addition, it is necessary to adhere to proper nutrition. Exclude from the diet of spicy and spicy food, and reduce salt intake.

Assist and simple exercises for the muscles of the eye,are performed in a relaxed state. 3-4 times a day can do the following exercises: moving your eyes from objects that are at different distances from you, frequent blinking, and the circular rotation pupils.