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The complex of 6 exercises to sexy legs.

The complex of 6 exercises to sexy legs

Sexy legs - the dream of every girl. But for coach Alice Gulan, to develop a framework fitness ballet, this is not a dream but a reality. Its complex of six exercises will help stretch and strengthen the leg muscles, giving them a perfect shape. Perform complex three times a week and a half months to get ready to catch yourself admiring glances!

Exercise №1

Practising: calf, thigh muscles and the press.

Stand on your right leg and bend your left andpull back. Then slowly raise your hands up (elbows slightly bent) and simultaneously move your weight on the toe of the right foot - as shown in the photo. Keep your back straight, look ahead.
Repeat the exercise 10 times in slow motion, then 20 times - in fast. Change legs.

Exercise №2

Practising: muscles of the buttocks, thighs and press.

Starting position - lying on the floor on the right side. Legs are straight. The head lies on the outstretched right hand. Put your left hand on the floor in front of him.

Slowly lift the left leg straightened up. Make sure that the right leg remained too straight and not bent at the knee. Ideally, the angle between the legs should reach 90 degrees, but to achieve this will be difficult immediately. Repeat the exercise 15 times, then flip to the other side.

Exercise №3

Practising: muscles of the buttocks, the thighs and the press, as well as eggs.

Starting position - lying on the floor on his back,knees bent legs. Arms straight along the sides of the trunk. Lift the hips and lift your heels off the floor - so that the body is formed above a straight line from shoulders to knees.

Slowly straighten up and pull the left leg(As shown in photo). Being in this position, lower your hips to the floor and then raise them again - and so 20 times. Change legs and repeat.

Exercise №4

Practising: abdominals, buttocks and thighs.

This exercise consists of two parts. First kneel - so that the distance between them is equal to the width of the shoulders. Feet keep together. Putting his hands on her waist, make the slope of the back - as far as possible - and then return to the starting position. Repeat 10 times the slopes.

During the last tilt rotate the torsoto the left and touch the floor with your left hand (at the foot of socks), while lifting up his right hand (as shown in photo). Straighten. Then again make the slope, but change hands - turn to the right and touch the floor with your right hand, lifting up the left. Do 10 repetitions.

Exercise №5

Practising: muscles of the buttocks, thighs, legs and press.

For this exercise you will need a chair. Stand to the left of his back, his feet keep together. Lift up slightly bent right arm. Keep your back straight.

Then slowly lift your right leg up(As shown in the photo), and trying to keep it straight in, draw in the air ten small circles - first turning leg clockwise, then counterclockwise. Turn to the other side chair. Repeat the exercise.

Exercise №6

Practising: muscles of the thighs, buttocks, legs and press.

Sit on the floor with legs stretched forward, arms at your sides. Bending left knee, place it so that the heel touches the right thigh. Lean your hands on the floor "outside" of the left leg.

Get into the right leg back, bending it at the knee(As shown in photo). Keeping your back straight, lift your right foot off the floor by 3-4 cm. Stay in this position for five seconds, then lower the leg. Do 20 repetitions, then switch legs.