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Terms of supply from the German nutritionists to save pieces

German nutritionists brought recipes for weight loss. It is a few simple rules that must be complied with, and if your figure is in order.

German nutritionists brought their recipes forweight loss, which are a few rules, they must be complied with, and if your figure is in order. Perhaps these rules differ somewhat from those to which we are accustomed to, but my problem

- To offer you the options and make a decision to be you. Here are the rules.

* Never give up breakfast. He makes us work metabolism system and helps burn fat.

* If you want to get there before the appointedtime, do not be afraid to bite. To do this, choose a fruit or vegetable unsweetened drink (apple, plum, banana, yogurt, a cup of yogurt), which quenched the appetite.

* In this case, the amount of insulin to be normal, that will prevent the deposition of fat.

* The salads often add legumes - beans, peas. They quickly saturate the body, improve digestion.

* Potatoes cook "in uniform". There is a very useful potatoes, he quickly satisfies hunger. But do not abuse this vegetable.

* Coffee is the appetite and slows metabolism, therefore, limit the daily rate of three cups with it without sugar.

* In the evening, you can safely eat a piece of meat. It contains amino acids during sleep activate the hormones that burn fat.

* Avoid foods in which sugar is combined with fats (pastries, Smetannikov etc.).

* In the morning is about the daily ration. It should not exceed 1000 kcal (if you want to lose weight much). Make sure that there was a sufficient amount of carbohydrates (contained in bread, vegetables, rice).

* When cooking meat remove the fat.

That's all simple rules. Try to follow them, they can have the most delicious and still lose weight - is not that what you wanted?