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What are stretch marks

Stretch marks can paint the skin of any girl orwoman during the period when elevated hormonal activity, for example, during puberty or pregnancy. Unaccustomed to the body's flow of hormones violates the metabolism of the cells that produce collagen and elastin. These substances are responsible for maintaining the density and elasticity of the skin and its ability to resist stretching.

Provoke the appearance of stretch marks can be the disease of the endocrine glands.

And, of course, stretch marks may appear during heavy weight gain.

Get rid of stretch marks completely, especially deep, you can not! But warn them of the appearance or make less noticeable worth a try.

In the first place, it would be niceconsult a doctor in E endocrinologist and gynecologist. If there is a malfunction of the endocrine glands (particularly the thyroid gland and appendages), you must take their medication.

Second, if you want to always have a smooth beautiful skin at any age, carefully watch the weight.

Perhaps it is the gym Take a leading role inanti-stretch marks, as any physical exercises activate the metabolism, and as a result improve the skin condition. But there are special exercises that perfectly regulate the endocrine glands and hormones aligned, which helps to avoid the appearance of stretch marks.

For example, we give you a couple of very simple exercises that improve thyroid activity and facilitate the work of the appendages.

1. Viparita - Karani - "poluberёzka" exercise of Hatha Yoga, which is desirable to carry out every day (exception - monthly) to all women at any age, it has practically no contraindications and is easily performed.

Lie on your back, put his hands along the body, palms down.

On the inhale, slowly raise straight legs, thenpelvis. At the time of raising the pelvis with his hands hold his hands in a raised position. The fingers pointing forward. Legs may be slightly bent at the knees and head tilted to the side.

For starters, stay in the pose from 15 to 30 seconds. Gradually increase the exercise time to 1-5 minutes, not allowing in any case the state of discomfort.

Come out of the asana slowly, gradually loweringbody so as to feel the touch of each vertebra to the floor. Legs immerse smoothly, due to abdominal. Returning to the starting position, relax.

Breathing during exercise free, abdominal. Attention should be focused on the thyroid gland or in the field of appendages.

2. Exercise for pelvic floor muscles.

Lie on your back, put his hands on her hips.

Slowly raise the clasped his feet, without bending them to 15-20 cm from the floor.

How can longer hold them suspended.

Slowly lower the leg. Repeat 3 times.

Breathing is arbitrary.

Some wisdom skincare!

Prevent the appearance of stretch marks and make them less noticeable, you can use a variety of water treatments and massages. For example:

1. taking a shower, do not forget every time a good walk tight water jets (clockwise) on the chest, abdomen and thighs;

2. after showering rub skin soft towel, and then the index finger and thumb gently pinch the skin of the abdomen and thighs (clockwise) centimeter by centimeter, until it turns red;

3. in the prophylaxis and for smoothing the skin, you can take a bath with the addition of 1 Art. l. pine extract. 15 minutes of bliss. at a water temperature of 38 degrees;

4. the appearance of stretch marks take bath with the starch (500 g starch Stir in 3 liters of cold water, and then pour the solution into a prepared bath).

5. extensions are smoothed, if after a bath or shower regularly rubbed into the skin of the olive oil;

6. in a body cream that you use after water treatment may be added to the juice viburnum, which, thanks to its high content in it of specific plant extracts, prevents the appearance of stretch marks, and if they are already there helping to smooth them;

And here is the recipe home massage cream on the basis of sea salt.

Recipe. Buy sea salt in a drugstore, in any case, not painted.

Mix the salt and cream so as to obtain a dough, add to the mix a few drops of oil solution of vitamin A.

Apply on the body mass and carefully massage the problem areas. Then rinse off the cream with warm water and gently wipe with a towel body.

The treatment is infusion of chamomile rinse the body or horsetail. These herbs help to maintain the excellent elasticity of the skin. Fight for your beauty!