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Skipping - effective exercises with a rope ..

Skipping - effective exercises with a rope.

Skipping - conditionally new and fashionable trend inthe modern world of fitness, which helps to quickly and easily tidy shape. But in simple terms, it is well forgotten old and familiar to us from childhood ... jumping rope!

But do not think that skipping - it is only an arbitraryjumping rope. If you want to really lose weight quickly and effectively and to tighten its forms, it is best to jump, performing special exercises for skippinga. jumping lunge forward (for each revolution of the rope alternately nominate the right or left leg forward to a distance of a wide step; the next jump is a change of feet) jumping leg crossing (for each jump you then crosses his legs criss-cross, it returns again starting position at shoulder width) jumping "with the addition" (in other words, one revolution of the rope you have to do more than one jump, and two small)
Skipping is very good for general health,as gently trains the heart, strengthens blood vessels, maintains the general tone of the body. Moreover, you can jump right at home, in the fitness room, as well as in nature - rope takes up no more space than the most modest cosmetic. But the use and enjoyment of it - more than enough!

Benefits of jumping rope to lose weight:
On the effectiveness of the exercises with a rope can be compared with studies on cardio.
Jumping develop flexibility and coordination of movements, form a beautiful posture.
Jump rope can be in any free minute.

When you need to lose weight in the thighs, jumpingrope simply has no equal. If you want to achieve a quick and maximum effect, experts recommend to combine exercise with a rope with an exercise bike. But alone jumping will help to achieve significant results in the first week of classes: will be enhanced muscle tone, increase their density, thighs happen volumes decline.

Stimulation of the work of the cardiovascular system,different muscle groups, prevention of varicose veins due to the elimination of stagnation in them, removes toxins from the body - all this may contribute to exercises with a rope. The body comes in tone, however, is changing for the better mental attitude, the confidence in their abilities. By the way, the useful effect enhances green tea, which is recommended to drink after exercise.

How to choose a rope
The first step is to find a suitablethe length of the rope. If the rope properly selected to suit your height, you will be able to do the exercises more clearly and actively, creating maximum load. As a result of the effect of the training will be great.
For growth to 1.52 meters suitable length of the rope is equal to 210 cm,
from 1.52 m to 1.67 m - 250 cm,
up to 1.83 m - 280 cm,
with growth of 1.83 - rope length 310 cm.

How to jump rope to lose weight?
You start with simple jumps. It is desirable to be low. The body during the exercise must remain fixed in one position, and the execution of all work to stay up on his feet, forearms and wrists. If you jump right provided slimming effect due to the load distribution between the problem areas. May perform all correctly did not immediately succeed, but eventually it will be an easy task. The rate should be increased gradually, starting with quiet.

On the extra pounds will be forgotten verySoon, the main thing to combine regular exercise for 10 minutes a day with a healthy diet and unloading days. The effect will not be slow to manifest. As for the other diets, of course, it is better to consult a doctor because a combination of rope and a rigid diet may be invalid and cause a breakdown.