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Remove the fat from the lower abdomen.

1. The vertical shears. Lie on the floor, put his hands under the small of the back. Lift legs to 90 degrees relative to the floor. Alternately immerse them to the floor. The movement resembles the work of scissors. Do 20 repetitions. Immediately after the exercise, stand on your feet and do 10 jumping on 2 legs.

2. Take the position as in pushups. Tear off the foot off the floor and pull your knee toward your chest, then the other leg as well. Do 20 repetitions and then immediately 10 jumps on two feet.

3. Sit on the floor, hands rest on the floor behind him. Quickly bring your knees to your chest, twisting the power of the abdominal muscles. The movement takes place at the same time, the body tends to the legs and knees to your chest. Returning to the original position, the legs should be straightened, but put them on the floor is not necessary. Repeat this movement 20 times, stand up on your feet and do the jumps.

4. Sit on a chair, pull your stomach. Grasp the edge of the chair. Gently pull the legs knees to your chest, then return to starting position. The body does not tilt, the load should only go to the press. After 20 repetitions take 10 jumps.