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Products "for the brain"

You can not remember what was taught a week ago? You are very hard to tune into a productive, fast and high-quality mental work? If you are working or studying, the "smart" food you just need. For the short-term effect is enough to eat a piece of sugar or chocolate, but then your activity will not last long, besides flour and sweet spoils the figure. What to choose?



In this delicious fish contain the same healthyfats, that in the brain. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for the normal functioning of the brain. If you are too lazy to cook dishes from salmon - Eat at least canned salmon - it also is useful. Eat meals with salmon approximately po120 grams two or three times a week.



This cladkaya izobiliruet berry antioxidants, helps perfectly to think fast and well to absorb new knowledge, improves memory at any age!