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Couple effective exercises from sagging belly.

Couple effective exercises from sagging belly

Some effective exercises from sagging belly

Exercise 1:
Take a deep breath stomach, the maximum bulgingabdominal wall. One, two, three, four, five. Relax, exhale all the air through the mouth. Pulled a stomach, pulling it up to the stomach. As if you want to hide him in the ribs. Hold your breath. One two Three. Again inhale, repeat the exercise as many times as you age. If you can not immediately perform a number of repetitions, then continue to do it throughout the day. After all, this exercise can be performed standing, sitting and imperceptibly. Believe me, this exercise admirably fat deposits in the abdomen and massages the abdominal organs.

Exercise 2
"Angry cat". Get on your knees, lean on the palm. Maximum inhale nose, pulling the stomach under the ribs, upward bend the back. Put your head down to your chest. You should get a pose «h» - pose of angry cat when she suddenly met with a dog. Hold your breath, at the expense of eight exhale, relax. Returned to its original position. Repeat three times.

Exercise 3:
The next exercise, chances are you know achildhood, even with the physical education lessons. But this does not detract from its effectiveness. It also helps to remove the stomach, tighten slightly sagging hips, reduce body fat around the waist. So, lie down on a flat surface, hands behind his head. Legs slightly bend your foot and put it on the floor. Once, lifting the torso and are drawn left elbow toward your right knee. Two returned to its original position. Three, are drawn right elbow to the left knee. Four return to its original position. Repeat as many times as have the strength. Just do not overdo it the first time. Otherwise, the next time you do not want to do this wonderful exercise, or can not because of the pain in the muscles. It is better to gradually increase the load on the muscles than stop halfway. And a couple of words about this exercise. It stimulates the oblique abdominal muscles, which in turn burns fat in the waist area and tighten the skin on the sides.

Exercise 4:
This exercise is the most interesting. Exercise is called a pleasant word "Rest". Lying on his back. Spread your knees wide apart, and under the knees enclose the foot. Right foot under the left knee and left foot - under the right knee. This exercise is more flexible and makes the muscles on the outside of the thigh. Be careful not to stretch the knees much the first time, to avoid damaging the ligaments. Every day you will turn out better and more confident. Place the palms on the floor near the bed or body. Fully relax, close your eyes, think of the good. Not usnite again. Lie down for a minute or two, to dream. Now you can get out of bed. Take a contrast shower. It will give your body an extra boost to burn fat by speeding up metabolism.
That's all. Just 10 minutes a day most simple and most enjoyable morning exercises will help you to remove belly fat and become leaner and more cheerful.