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Morning exercises for weight loss.

Morning exercises for weight loss

Morning exercises - a great toolnot only lose weight but also to cheer yourself up on a den.Gimnastika slimming at home - it is a set of exercises that promotes the development of muscle, strengthen the press, treat cellulite and excess general physical strengthening. True selected set of morning exercises can help bring your figure in the order of a few weeks. The main rule: exercise for morning exercises should be performed daily. Let the time allotted for a set of morning exercises, will not be so great, for example, 10-15 minutes would be enough, but the regularity of the implementation of fundamental importance. Daily gymnastics will soon have a habit.

Complex of morning gymnastics exercises:
• 15-20 seconds are marching in place, lifting knees high. 4 The first step - a breath, the second step 4 - an exhalation;
• raise arms straight up, retractedstraight, with an extended toe, foot. Then, bend the leg in front of him and lifts his arms the knee to the chest, head down, as low as possible. Then everything Do the same with the other leg. Perform each leg 3-5 times;
• We arrange the legs as wide as possible. Bend the left leg at the knee and three do springy tilt the toe of the right leg, which must be rectified in the knee. Then - on the contrary, to the other leg. In each side of the exercise should be repeated 8-10 times;
• legs spread wide, perform circular (withhighest amplitude) motion pelvis. Do not forget that the most important in this exercise is the drawing and bulging of the abdominal wall. Repeat rotation in each direction at least 8-10 times;
• Starting position - standing, hands on his stomach. Three times in a row do springy squat while pressing down on his stomach with his hands. Repeat 18-20 times;
• standing on one leg, bends toward the bent inknee the other leg, and do circular movements hip with the greatest possible amplitude in one or the other way. In each side of repeat 10-12 times;
• standing on the "tiptoe" holding hands on the back of a chair. Within 20-30 seconds springy straighten and bend ankles feet;
• jump standing on two feet, and then, one (for each line) for 20-30 seconds. At the end of exercise - walking on a quiet place;
• lying on your back, bend your knees. After that, we sit down and straighten them. We make two tilt forward, trying to touch the face of the knees, and then again lie down and bend your knees. Repeat 12-16 times;
• supine breed bent legs, feetup against the floor. Raise your pelvis and swing it from side to side 4-6 times. Exercise is performed in series with a break in between 6-8 seconds. Such episodes should not be less than three;
• lying down, put your hands on your stomach. Protrude and retract the stomach, pressing his hands on the abdominal wall. Repeat 10-12 times;
• breathing exercise. We stand, raising his hands and gently reaching back and up - inhale, tilt forward, dropping his hands relaxed - exhale. Repeat 3-4 times. This last exercise morning exercise complex.