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Making beautiful legs - effective exercises

Here are a few signs of feet beauty, noted by Czech experts.

Making beautiful legs - effective exercises

• leg circumference below the knee should be the same (or nearly the same) as the circumference of the legs at the ankle;
• on the sides of the knee should be no protruding parts;
• on the back of the knee should be deepening;
• calf muscles must be developed, but in moderation;
• Achilles tendon should be thin and have a recess on both sides;
• heel should have a rounded shape;
• perfect hip shape should resemble a spindle;
• Finally, the perfect legs, if you stand straight,putting them together will touch in certain places, forming four "windows": the first - between the heels and ankles; the second - on the ankles; the third - behind the knees; fourth - on his knees at the bottom of the thigh. The last "window" should be the narrowest.

Most often, if the legs are beautiful and long, a figure differs elegance. Unfortunately, the increased length of the legs with the help of physical education is impossible, but with exercise can improve the shape of the feet.

1. Putting his hands on the back of a chair, squat, slowly bending your knees and lifting on socks. Gradually the need to accelerate the pace and do sit-ups all the more profound. This is a very effective exercise for strengthening leg muscles and improve blood circulation in them.

2. Stand straight, hands on thighs or sticking his hands behind his chair. One leg to put on socks as high as possible. Now, drop it on the whole foot and sock to put on the other foot. Rhythmic movements, springy.

3. Lying on your back, waving his arms and legs at the same time as it makes a beetle flipped onto his back. This exercise improves blood circulation and warms the entire body.

4. Lie on your back, press the straightened legs tightly next to each other for about 5 seconds; then relax the muscles. Thereafter, press the legs against the floor for 5 seconds; relax again.

5. Upside down on your stomach and vigorously raise the calf of each leg alternately, trying to get the heel on the buttocks.