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Make a beautiful belly.

Making beautiful belly

How to train the press without making the usuallifts the legs or the body? Planck - static exercise. Movements in it, because the most important thing here - to keep the body properly (and as long as possible). Try!
1. Feet
Put together: hold the balance will be difficult, it will increase the load on the muscles of the abdomen.
2. Legs
Must be straight and tight, otherwise the load on the straight abdominal muscle holding the lumbar region of the deflection, will also be reduced.
3. Buttocks
Straining. And do not let go until the end of the voltage approach. Reduction of the gluteus muscles increases the activation of the cortex.
4. Loins
The most difficult moment! If done correctly, the lumbar spine straps should be flat. That is, the lower back can be neither round nor bend. Imagine that your lower back firmly against the wall.
5. Stomach
Retract and then (already drawn) try to pull up to the ribs. Throughout the approach, keep your stomach in this position, but do not keep breathing.
6. Elbows
In order not to create unnecessary burdens on the shoulders, the elbows directly below the shoulder joints.