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1. It's no secret that even too lazy and is considered the "mother of all vices," but almost every lazy. Periodically so-called "healthy laziness" affects up to 100% of the population, regardless of age, economic and social status.

2. The main symptoms include laziness "brown bear syndrome", that is, if a person falls into a deep sleep, and in any time of day and year. The periods of hibernation last from 12 hours to 15 days.

3. Because of laziness favorites of teachers have never been to Darwin, Churchill, Picasso and even Einstein. Last generally enjoyed a reputation as a notorious lazy and slowpoke.

4. Laziness at work usually occurs in cases where the subordinate chief orders seem frankly useless. Or when employees do not have any interest in the work carried out.

5. Bouts of laziness can have a seasonal nature. Such laziness appears, usually in the spring. The cause of seasonal sloth may be a vitamin deficiency, as well as the first rays of the sun active and irritating.

6. In addition to the season, there are daily laziness. All people are divided into "owls" and "larks", and therefore make it work "lark" in the evening, and "owl" in the morning is almost impossible. The only way out - every stick in his time. Alas, it does not always work.

7. However, that all manifestations of "healthy laziness". But the reason that you do not want to do, and the disease can be more precisely - the lack of the hormone melatonin in the body.

8. It turns out that women are 4 times lazier than men. Dermatologic laziness researchers offer them with a special diet that helps produce melatonin.

9. Scientists have found that lazy healthy. Do as little as possible - much more useful to the body than to pace yourself exercise. However, scientists have no objection to moderate physical activity, such as relaxing walks. In particular this applies to middle-aged and older people, who should use energy more economically.

10. By the way, can be the result of laziness or overloading the unit may have a purely medical reasons such as low blood sugar, problems with the heart or blood vessels. If you experience chronic fatigue, consult a neurologist.

eleven. Scientists from Australia, too, believe that laziness - not a vice, but a painful condition that they called motivational deficiency syndrome. It affects every fifth inhabitant of our planet and is characterized by an irresistible and relaxing apathy.

12. According to psychologists, the basis of laziness are negative emotions: fear, guilt, anger. Only by understanding their causes, you will be able to overcome laziness. In other words, laziness can not resist, it must be prevented.

13. Nikolai Gogol wrote that "there is a Russian human enemy, implacable, dangerous enemy, do not be that he would have been a giant. This enemy - too lazy. "

14. Classification of lazy:

- Bummer weakened. Laziness occurs due to low human physical tone. In this case, the accusations and power instruction little help. As stated above the head can not jump. A person needs to improve their tone. This can be used vitamins. Useful jogging, gymnastics, yoga, swimming. And, oddly enough, this is necessary to get enough sleep idler.

- Bummer bored. Man does not want to do the job because he was bored. Unloved work uninteresting for his people - all this aggravates your laziness. But with this type of laziness fight easily. You need only the courage to admit that it is not "your" and do what you like. Then laziness have no place.

- Bummer unorganized. You are lazy and just can not get into the right rhythm. This laziness is the most dangerous and here can only help force action on them. Each morning begins with a question: "What do I have to do today" and strictly follow the plan. It is important not to dwell on failures. And do not forget to praise himself for victory.

- Bummer resourceful. Thanks to it so lazy, facilitated our lives. Laziness was digging shovel, excavator invented lazy. Too lazy to engage in cleaning - come up with a vacuum cleaner. Maybe you're out of laziness to carry out some work take a century invention? So, if you are - lazy, this does not mean that all is lost for the society.
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