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Improving every centimeter of your body !.

Improving every centimeter of his body!

We offer techniques that bring fast results.


Strategy: Let's be realistic: except plastic surgery, there are no other ways to dramatically change the size and shape of the bust. But a cold shower makes the skin tone, and special funds deposited after, strengthens and tightens the chest

EXERCISES:, it is necessary to strengthen and tighten the pectoral muscles to "lift" the breast. regular push-ups

standing on her knees.

TRICKS: The correct bra can play a decisive role.


STRATEGY: We usually pay attention to those parts of the hands, which are themselves seen ... and quite forget about the back surface. blood circulation in this area is weak, and to strengthen it, you need to massage the back

and the inner surface of the shoulder by a tightening means

EXERCISES: In a standing position take on a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing forward. Raise your hands to the sides to shoulder level, bending your elbows. Then straighten them over the head. Do this as slowly as possible, controlling every movement, and try to repeat it 15-20 times.

TRICKS: When you put on an open top, take advantage of our secret. Apply a light line with a pale golden corrector or loose powder in front of the clavicle

up to the elbow. It will distract

attention from the rear (not yet sufficiently tightened) shoulder surface.


STRATEGY: Special massage will help reduce bloating and make it flatter. Massing around the navel in a clockwise direction (do not need to press too hard). This technique works even better if you do a massage with a firming cream.

EXERCISES: Rapid results can be achieved by pumping the press regularly. Lie down on your back, straighten the legs and relax, take away the hands behind the head. Slightly rotten to the floor of the back formed a prominent arch. Raise the body from the floor - 45 degrees, then slowly lower. Most importantly - do not strain your neck, so do not press your chin to your chest and watch your breath. Start with 20 repetitions and gradually increase the number of housing raised to 30-40.


STRATEGY: The first condition for beautiful buttocks - smooth skin. Every morning before the shower Spend two minutes on it to rub the body with a stiff brush. If time permits, make a peeling, and after showering apply the cream with a firming and regenerating effect.

EXERCISES: Make an elastic ass, you can use the well-known, but quite a difficult exercise "pistol". Sit down on his haunches, leaning on both feet (not on your toes!). Then tear off one leg off the floor and hold it in the extended position. Straining the gluteal muscles, the front thigh muscles and lower leg, rise slowly on one foot. Then slowly return to starting position. Repeat this exercise 10 times for each leg.

Trick: You can give the pope the desired shape using a special pull-up underwear.