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Ideas for the design of the balcony

How to equip a balcony and turn it into a cozy seating area in which there is a place and plants, and comfortable furniture? In our gallery you will find ideas for design of the living space.

Ideas for the design of the balcony

1. First you need to decide the question of which furniture for you. Even on the tiny balcony of room for chair and table, or at least banquettes.

2. For a small balcony ideal option - folding chair and table (by the way, the latter can be built, attaching, for example, a beautiful tray on chains from the ceiling or macrame).

3. On the long balcony will be great rocking chair made of rattan.

4. In the glassed-in balconies and soft appropriate furniture. Pay special attention to lighting fixtures. And you can use wall, floor and even local (ie, directional illumination).

5. The charm of sitting areas will give a mini-fountains. They may be diverse Style: classic form of the cup to the "mossy" rock grotto with a pretty little frog.

6. By the way, among the plants easily placed decorative elements which have no place in the house. Any item, you can see ot of greenery, it is an interesting decoration.

7. If the wooden window frame, You can screw a bracket and place the small pots. Suspend pots with ample plants is possible and the ceiling, just not in the zone of passage and not over the chair.

Ideas for the design of the balcony

Ideas for the design of the balcony