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How to quickly remove the sides.

Remove sides quickly, you can use exercise, in which the main burden falls on the oblique muscles of the abdomen and thighs.

The most simple exercise for the sides thatIt helps you reduce not only them, but also to make a thin waist - this exercise with a hoop. While watching your favorite TV series, stand up and roll the ordinary hoop. Consideration should be given to this task at least 45 minutes, and so every day. So you combine business with pleasure - watch TV, and will give your muscles the load. Exercise with a hoop will give more effective results if it is a supplement to your daily activities to combat harmony waist.

The basic exercises may be for youtraining on fitball. Start their movements with the pelvis. This will involve the abdominal muscles, buttocks and legs. Your starting position in this case - sitting on a fitball, back straight, feet on the floor, shoulders slumped. Begin to roll the ball from side to side using the buttocks, torso, without any tilt sideways or backward or forward. If you do this exercise correctly, you feel tension obliques. On each side you have to do up to 15 repetitions.

A further embodiment of exercises toremove side quickly - side bends, leaning on one knee. Get up to the starting position - on his knees. Fitbol put his right, put him on his right hand. Bend left leg at the knee and set forward. The left hand Get behind the head, the body tilt to the right fitball. Then start to perform the slopes to the left, as if trying to bring the body into a vertical position, without moving the hips. We must also do 15 repetitions on both sides.

Exercise with the instep. Starting position - lying on fitball on the right side. With his right hand rest against the floor, straighten your legs and lean on the outside of the right foot. Begin to raise and lower the left leg, but do not mahi. It must be a slow rise and slowly lower the leg. Repeat 15 times on each leg.

The next exercise is called "Clock" and alsoperformed using fitball. Lie on the floor, bend your legs at the knees and place on a fitball, then it Roll the left and right. You can do a more complex version of the "Clock", if you hold the ball between your knees and lift the legs at an angle of 90 degrees. This is the starting position from which you need to lower the legs to the right and then the left, and so 15 times in each direction.

With the help of small weights, for example,dumbbells, you can also remove the side quickly. Take dumbbells in your hands, stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart. Do slopes to the left, in this case, lifting up his right hand, and, on the contrary, is tilted to the right - left hand should rise. After each tilt back to its original position. To complicate this exercise can be if hands while the slopes are always omitted. tilts amplitude should be maximized.

You can do the exercises without specialshells. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, hands on your waist or lift to shoulder level, and follow the movement of the body from side to side, without bending at the same time.

Further, the initial position - lying on the floor, his hands behindhead, bend your legs at the knees and lift off the floor. Taking his body from the floor, drag the elbow of the right foot to left knee and vice versa. This exercise is called "Bike" Also, remove the sides of the side rises quickly help the body. This will involve oblique muscles of the abdomen and thighs. Exercise can be performed in several variations. Lying on his right side and holding his right arm behind your head, turn the shoulders so that you can see the ceiling, and begin to raise the torso. It is necessary to perform 15 lifts on each side.

In another embodiment, the exercises you need to go to the rightside, the right hand in front of you, left lay his head. And at the same time tear the body and legs off the floor, as if trying to draw a semicircle body. It is necessary to make at least 10 times in each direction.

Though the above exercises seem simple, but they make it possible to achieve results