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How to lose weight office employee?

How to deal with being overweight, if you most of the day sat at the office?
Fitness magazine offers unpretentious methods of keeping in shape, which certainly will not have a negative impact on your productivity:

How to lose weight office employee?

• Print over 120 minutes burns 230 calories.

• Tearing off the heels from the floor for 5 minutes (while sitting at the table) would deprive you 19 calories.

• 15 minutes of walking up and down the stairs during your lunch break can help to get rid of 128 calories.

• corrects make-up 5 minutes (and more often) - and forget about the next 10 calories.

• It is a useful way: Place your order on your desktop and make out piles of documents - 40 calories in just 15 minutes.

• Often, talking on the phone? Do it standing up - and you lose 58 calories (30 minutes).

• And you can just come to work by bike! 20-minute ride will burn 118 calories.