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How to get out of the black band ?. Psychology of women, men and children. Stories, tips, stories and more.

What is a "black stripe in the life", she knows first hand almost everyone. At some point, it begins to seem that the whole world is against you.

How to get out of the black stripes?

"I am 30 years old, but in life nothing goodIt occurs, the solid black bar. Recently I broke up with the young man, and soon after I was fired from his job. Friends are always busy, all the family, children, interesting work, and I'm all alone, no one needs. I decided, as long as there is time to go to the doctor, so I found another bunch of diseases that need to be treated. I am in despair! "

"I have lately some trouble - husbandlost my job, my father became seriously ill - you have all the time to be there and take care of him, I have a problem at work. Court neighbors dacha ...

I do not even have time to even slightly recoverafter another trouble, the other begins. Recently I broke my leg and I stole a purse with the entire salary. I live in fear and constant tension. It seems that black bar will never end. "

Each person occur unpleasant moments inlife, but all of us in different ways come out of such states. Why is it so happens that one pinprick entails a series of misfortunes, and life is gradually becoming hopeless black?

It is said that life is like a zebra - the whiteband, then black. But why do some people constantly fall into the black stripes, while others always live in the white? How to get out of the black stripes? Is it possible to do so, never it does not get?


Change zhiznSoglasno many spiritual practices,any situation, even the heaviest, are given to us for a reason. First, always small signal - a sign that you need to pay attention to this sphere of life.

If we ignored the warning andchanged the situation, it should be stronger signal, then harder, more and more, and then - the catastrophe. It's like the little stone, rolled down from the mountain, which can lead to a terrible landslide.

If something goes wrong, do not rush to despair, think about what signal gives you life, to change things for the better.

If you are already a year can not find work, canbe, you need to do your own business, or finally realize the talents buried? If you suddenly get sick before some important event, maybe it's a signal that it is time to stop and think about your life? If you have problems in the relationship, maybe you live in the past wrongs?

Stories of the lives of celebrities are full of stories about what their favorite thing to do to get different kind of trouble.

Journalist was taken to hospital, which was a terrifying diagnosis, could be put on a cross and surrender to grief, but she began to write novels and become a famous writer.

The mother of two children, left without a livelihood throw her husband does not want to live on the black bar and becomes the owner of a successful company.

Businessman from which went to the wife of his best friend, and even picked up a business, going to the country begins a new life and understands what true love and family.

How often in life, losing something, we understand,that releasing it gained a lot more and got the opportunity to be truly happy. Big problems are great opportunities if we carefully analyze what has happened and, in any event, we find a positive intention.

Our thoughts - the cause of failure


Change zhiznNashi thoughts attract allthat resonates with them. For example, a broken heel. This is bad if you take the time to work. That's too bad, if you take the time to work, where you will find a chef with very important customers. It's terrible, if everything else you have torn stockings, and that today you forgot wallet, and new pantyhose can not buy - as well as shoes.

At the moment when the heel is broken, you startto think about the consequences that may result in the incident. And pre-setting yourself up for a negative, and as a result of the meeting look bad, behave uncertainly, the contract is broken, the boss happy.

Then there is all the things you were afraid in theirfrightful fantasies, because they themselves have painted a small event in a black color, concentrating on it, and thus the black band fueled his negative energy.

Thus, you do make your choice andgo in the black bar. If you learn how to block negative thoughts, and even better - to translate them in a positive manner, it is possible to get into the black band will be much less.

- Therefore
the best way out of the black strip isto go directly on the white. If you feel that you are beginning to tighten quagmire, tell yourself: "I am transported to a parallel world, where only positive events (you can list them in detail and present) of my life."

- Do not let negative thoughts take possession of you. As often as possible transported on the bright lane and stay there longer.

For example, you have somewhere to take your time and discoverthat the travel card on the subway ended. Naturally, at this point you can see a huge queue at the cashier. You understand that all - it is a failure, you will be late, etc. In general, start a chain of negative events...

The best thing to do so: you can turn and say the affirmation. For example: "Thank you, that circumstances are always for me the most wonderful and beneficial way." More about anything not think, just persistently repeat this phrase, driving all other thoughts.

And then there may be different options for developmentevents. For example, you can simply give the ticket and sell the queue, the queue can start to move quickly, you can call and say that the meeting postponed ...

But it may be such that you will stand inline will be late, and your opponents will be late even more, and you still have to wait for them. Or they will not be late, you will tear a meeting, and then it turns out that a very good all the work, because they cheat you want.

In general, there is nothing so simple, and in every situation really lies positive.

- Use affirmations more often, make a habit of repetition. Invent these positive phrases to different life situations.

What activities bring us closer to the "white band"?

Physical activity

Change zhiznKogda people have already got into the blackstrip and it is completely absorbed his moral and physical strength, it is very difficult to analyze anything. In this situation, the best way - to force myself to do something physically difficult, but do not require much thought. It can be anything.

To begin with, perhaps, just cleaning the apartment and cleaning all the resulting debris. By the way, this action will help to clean the house from negative energy.

It can be sports. Their advantage lies in the fact that produced "happiness hormone" that helps us to think positively, which is much faster help to overcome troubles and a good physical shape improves mental health.

From this point of view very useful lessonsdances, which enable clean the brain of negative thoughts. Enthusiasm will appear in due course, but first have to force yourself to do something about it, thereby "pulling" themselves out of the quagmire of troubles.


Creativity is able to distract from the most negative thoughts and situations. Under the creative means any activity that gives you a real pleasure.

When the goals are clear, the result is obvious, and the tasks andskills are in balance with each other, the man concentrates and fully immersed in their work. there is no room for extraneous distracting thoughts and feelings in the mind of man. Changes sense of time: it seems that the hours fly by like minutes.

Harmonious combination of physical and mental energy leads to life, finally, becomes life.

At such moments, the consciousness is filled with a variety ofexperiences, and these experiences are in full agreement. Contrary to what we often experience in their daily lives. At such times, our feelings, our desires and our thoughts are in harmony with each other.

Working with the subconscious


Change zhiznChasto troubles and failuresappear in our life, if our heart is full of resentment, anger. All this negative, hidden deep within us, is embodied in the events of the world. This is because our world is a kind of mirror.

In order to attract into your life good things and get out of the black stripes, forgive all who are angry at themselves, ask their forgiveness and forgive yourself for having allowed themselves to such emotions.

It is not necessary to do it in reality. Well, even if you do the work on forgiveness in his heart. One can imagine that the offender giving a symbolic gift and thank him for having taught you to be a generous man.

Perhaps forgiveness have to do the set procedure
first time for many days, so that you cantruly feel that your soul is freed from the negative load. Once this happens, it makes space for happy occasions and bands of light in your life.


The method consists in the fact that you, as soon as notice any hint of trouble, immediately begin to behave as if everything is fine, and thankful for it.

For example, you are sick. In addition to the basic treatment direct all their thoughts on recovery. Repeat to yourself the words of gratitude for the universe that are healthy. For example: "Thank you for what I feel great, alive and well." The text depends on the nature of your illness. This should be done often - especially when I want to mourn and complain.

If trouble occurs with your loved ones,This technique also works, but do not need to thank for themselves, but for him of whom are concerned. By the way, if you expect some unpleasant news, events, you can use this technology "ahead of the curve."

Get yourself a useful habit asdaily gratitude for everything that happens to you -.. for a good day, friends, husband, health, work, etc. This attitude to life is very helpful to keep only the bright side and never fall on the black bar.